社群管理整合平台比較 2021 》Social Media Management Tools Comparison

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這篇文章內的數位社群管理整合平台 Sprout Social , Buffer , Hootsuite , 與 Facebook 商務套件.
This article stated the comparison between Social Media Management Tools, which includes Facebook Business Suite, Sprout Social, Buffer and Hootsuite.

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前言 Preface

近期有 Later , Social Pilot 與 Loomly 社群平台的崛起 , 可惜 Social Pilot 沒有支援中文. Loomly 的介面不是很清楚. Later 雖然也可以管理 Tik Tok, 但是分析報告過於簡單.

我為何要用社群管理整合平台? 原因有兩個

1. 花太多時間 check 各個數位社群平台
我有 Facebook Page, Facebook Group , Instagram, Twitter ..etc. 每天早晚都會 check 一次 每個數位社群平台, 花太多時間. 希望可用一個平台直接一目瞭然.

2. 未來工作內容有更多的社群平台管理
目前我是 Freelancer , 以後會更多客戶的數位社群平台, 整合平台不但可以節省時間, 也可以提供詳細的分析報告.

Recently, there are new social media management tools, such as Later, Social Pilot and Loomly. However, Social Pilot doesn’t support Chinese. Loomly overall platform is not clear and details. Later can manage Tik Tok, but the analysis report is too simple.

Why do I use Social Media Management Tools? There are two reasons

1.I spend too much time to check every platform
I have Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter ..etc. I need to check every platform twice a day. I wish to use a platform to management all.

2. Future Business will include many social media accounts.
Right now, I am a freelancer. I will need to use the platform to manage and analysis lots of social media accounts. I would need more detailed analysis report.




Social Media Management Tools

Sprout Social

簡介 Introduction

Sprout Social 應該是台灣人最少用到的社群平台管理 , 因為英文介面與選擇項目比較複雜, 在歐美地區, 規模較大的專業行銷公司幾乎都是喜愛用 Sprout Social.
Most Taiwanese do not know Sprout Social. The main reason would be the English language layout along with lots of selections. In Europe and America, large marketing agencies use Sprout Social.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SproutSocial


Sprout Social 管理社群

Sprout Social Manageable Platforms

Facebook, Facebook Group Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest , Google + , Tripadvisor, and Glassdoor.

Sprout Social 價格

Sprout Social Price

我是選擇 USD $149 /月/ 1人 , 可管理 10 個平台.
I select USD $149/month/1 person. You can manage 10 social media accounts.


Sprout Social 試用

Sprout Social Trial

由於 Sprout Social 功能就多, 試用期是 30 天, 優點是不需要提供信用卡.
The Trial day is 30 days. You do not need to offer credit card.


Sprout Social IG 排程貼文

Sprout Social Instagram Scheduled Post

在電腦版介面排程 Instagram 貼文, 需要透過 Sprout Social App 提醒推播, 我有試過一次, 缺點則是原本長方型的貼圖圖片, PO 到 Instagram 還是正方型貼圖圖片.
You can schedule Instagram post via computer. However, when the scheduled time comes, the cellphone App would remind you to complete the last step. I tried once. The down side is that the Instagram pictures are supposed to be rectangle shape. But, the final post pictures are in square shape.


Sprout Social 最佳貼文時間

Sprout Social Best Time to Post

每次排程皆會顯示最佳貼文時間, 而且每天不同, 我個人覺得很準確.
Every scheduled post would show the best time to post. Everyday is different. I personally consider it quite accurate.


Sprout Social 分析報告

Sprout Social Analysis Report

Sprout Social 分析報告是所有管理平台最詳細, Facebook 與 Instagram 都有紀錄 Engagement Rate , Instagram 除了 Likes 與 Comments 外, 也有 Save的數字. 可是我沒有發現 Instagram 限時動態的報告. Facebook 除了紀錄最基本的Comment 與 Share 外, 也會紀錄點進連結的次數, 甚至連留言處的連結都會紀錄. 可惜的是如果要自制分析報告, 需要再升級 (多加錢).

Sprout Social analysis report is the most detailed report among all. It documents the engagement rate for both Facebook and Instagram. Besides likes and comments, the report also states the save numbers. However, I didn’t notice if they have any Instagram Stories report. As for facebook analysis report, it has the basic share and comment, it also has the link clicks and the link clicks at the message area. If you need to customize the report, you would need to upgrade (pay more money).


CRM 顧客管理

Sprout Social 可連結到 Hubspot 將留言者分類與管理, 對於中小企業非常有幫助.
You can link Sprout Social to Hubspot, which is a CRM system. It would be very helpful for medium size companies.

Facebook Business Suite

簡介 Introduction

中文名稱是 Facebook 商務套件, 擁有最基本的功能, 管理平台只有 Facebook 與 Instagram . 可以預期排流程. Facebook 並沒有設置自家的 Youtube 頻道教學, 而且沒有直接的客服, 問題需要等很久才能解決. 這個平台比較適合個人, 不適合公司.
Facebook Business Suite meets the basic needs, which is to schedule facebook and instagram posts. However, facebook doesnt have its own youtube channel to teach how to operate. And it doesnt have the direct customer service or tech support. It will take a long time to solve problems. This platform is more suitable for personal purpose instead of companies.



FB Business Suite 可管理社群

FB Business Suite Manageable Platforms

只有 Facebook 與 Instagram
It can only manage Facebook and Instagram


FB Business Suite 價格

FB Business Suite Price

免費, 只能管理 Facebook 與 Instagram.
Free, but you can only manage Facebook and Instagram.


FB Business Suite 試用

FB Business Suite Trial.

平台免費, 而且本來就已經在 Facebook 功能裡
Free. It is also within the Facebook system.


FB Business Suite IG 排程貼文

FB Business Suite Instagram scheduled post

不用再透過 App 推播提醒, 可直接排程, 時間一到就會自動 PO.
When the schedule time comes, the post will automatically posted on the facebook.


FB Business Suite 最佳貼文時間

FB Business Suite Best Time to Post

雖然 Facebook 粉絲頁後台數據有粉絲們上線時間, 可是不太準.
Even though the Facebook Fan summary data has when the fans will be online, the datas do not seem to be accurate.


FB Business Suite 分析報告

FB Business Suite Analysis Report

報告裡並沒有最基本的 Engagement Rate , 只有最簡單 LIKE , 分享 , 留言. 比較特別的是有 Facebook 廣告平台的貼文 CPC, 可惜並沒有紀錄 Facebook 貼文留言連結並沒有紀錄, 反倒是 Sprout Social 有紀錄. FB Business Suite 也無法自製報告, 只有 CSV 檔, 沒有 PDF 檔.
The report doesn’t have the basic engagement rate. It only has simply Like, share, comment. However, the facebook has the CPC from the Facebook ads. But, it doesnt show the click link numbers. You cannot custom-made the FB Business Suite Report neither. It only has CSV file instead of PDF file.



簡介 Introduction

之前 Buffer 與 Hootsuite 常被拿來做比較 , 2021 Buffer 決定與 Hootsuite 做出更大的差別. 2021 Buffer 價格以平台數量來計算, 並不像 Hootsuite 直接以 10 個平台計算價格. 2021 Buffer 基本上是適合個人或是電商使用.
2021 Buffer decides to differ itself from its long-term competitor Hootsuite. in 2021, Buffer price is calculated with platform numbers. As for Hootsuite, the price is based on 10 platforms total. 2021 Buffer is more suitable for personal use or E-Commerce.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfe5mZb27I49XSATiOZeKJw



Buffer 可管理社群平台

Buffer Manageable Platforms

Buffer 可管理社群平台有 Facebook, Instagram , Twitter , Linkedin , Pinterest , Shoptify. 在 Instagram PO 文過程裡, 也可以在圖片加上產品連結, 對電商很有幫助.
Buffer can manage Facebook, Instagram , Twitter , Linkedin , Pinterest , Shoptify. At the Instagram Post, you can also insert product link in the picture. It is quite helpful at the E-Commerce category.


Buffer 價格

Buffer Price

我是選擇 USD $10/月/ 1人 , 可管理 1 個平台. 若是希望能將其他人加到平台管理團隊與詳細分析報告, 只需要加 USD $5/月. 非常划算.
I choose USD $10/per month/per account. However, you can only manage 1 platform. If you wish to add other people into the management team along with detailed analysis, you would need to add extra USD $5/month. The price is quite reasonable.


Buffer 試用

Buffer Trial

試用是 14 天, 優點是不需要提供信用卡.
The trial days are 14 days. You do not need to provide credit card.



Buffer Instagram 排程貼文

Buffer Instagram Scheduled Post

在電腦版介面排程 Instagram 貼文, 需要透過 Sprout Social App 提醒推播.
You can schedule Instagram post via computer. However, when the scheduled time comes, the cellphone App would remind you to complete the last step.



Buffer 最佳貼文時間

Buffer Best Time to Post

Buffer 雖然有顯示最佳貼文時間, 可是有出現不同天的最佳 PO 文時間是一樣, 不太準.
Buffer shows the best time to post. However, I don’t consider it accurate since different days have the exact same “best time to post”.



Buffer 分析報告

Buffer Analysis Report

Buffer 可自制報告, 非常方便, Instagram 貼文分析細節也包括 SAVE 次數. Facebook 貼文分析也有點擊連結次數, 可是並沒有包括留言連結. 另一個優點是有 Instagram 限時動態分析報告.
You can customize the report at Buffer, which is very convenient. The instagram post analysis also includes SAVE. The Facebook post analysis includes the click link numbers, but it doesnt have the message click link. Another good selling points is that it has Instagram Stories report.




簡介 Introduction

Hootsuite 2021 比較適合中小企業. 專業度介於 Sprout Social 與 Buffer.
Hootsuite 2021 is more suitable for company.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/hootsuite



Hootsuite 可管理社群平台

Hootsuite Manageable Platforms

Facebook, Instagram , Twitter , Youtube, Linkedin , Pinterest.


Hootsuite 價格

Hootsuite Price

我選擇的是 USD $49/月, 1 人使用, 10 個 accounts
I chose USD $49/per month for 1 person with 10 accounts.


Hootsuite 試用

試用是 30 天, 缺點是需要提供信用卡號碼.
Trial days is 30 days. However, you would need to provide credit card number.



Hootsuite IG 排程貼文

Hootsuite Instagram Scheduled Post

需要App 推播提醒.
You can schedule Instagram post via computer. However, when the scheduled time comes, the cellphone App would remind you to complete the last step.


Hootsuite 最佳貼文時間

Hootsuite Best Time to Post

我沒有找到其功能, 可能在價格更高的方案裡?!
I didn’t find this function, maybe need to upgrade?!


Hootsuite 分析報告

Hootsuite Analysis Report

Hootsuite 大概是我看過最簡單的分析報告, 大部分是以圖示為主, 我個人希望付錢就是要比較詳細的分析報告.
Hootsuite’s analysis report is way too simply along with pictures. I personally wish the report can have more details.




Platforms Comparison Sheet



結論 Conclusion


Sprout Social > Buffer > Facebook > Hootsuite.

我個人是最愛 Sprout Social , 專業又詳細, 非常適合需要客戶管理 CRM 與中小企業, 可是價格偏高 (USD $149/月), 暫時不考慮. Buffer 應該是我未來數位行銷公司會用的平台管理, 可不限人數進入團隊共同管理. 價格比 Sprout Social 便宜 (USD $15/月)

My personal preference of Social Media Management Tools are

Sprout Social > Buffer > Facebook > Hootsuite

My favorite platform is Sprout Social, which is professional and detailed. Since it has CRM system, which is perfect for small & medium size business. However, the price is too high for me (USD $149/per month). I will use Buffer as my future social media management tool. It has detailed analysis report and you can invite more team members to join. And the price is cheaper (USD $15/per month) than Sprout Social (USD $149/per month)