Peekaboo Coffee 彼咖舖咖啡 》忠孝復興捷運站不限時咖啡店

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(已歇業) Peekaboo Coffee 彼咖舖咖啡是少數台北東區不限時咖啡店, 不僅有插頭也有免費Wifi, 其安靜環境相當適合工作.
(Closed) Peekaboo Coffee is one of a few coffee shops that don’t have limited time policy at Taipei East District. The coffee shop has free wifi and also wall socket. Its quiet environment is suitable for working.


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咖啡店與 “阿闍梨拉麵屋” 恰巧都在同一條巷子, 皆是在忠孝復興捷運站1號出口往安東街方向, 跟 “PS Tapas” 和 “ABV Bar & Kitchen” 一樣都有戶外座位, 室內裝潢以咖啡褐色系為主, 較為特別的是高腳椅皆是面對窗戶, 牆上也有插座, 可以說是 “一人餐桌”咖啡店版本, 店內也有沙發座與2 人座, 整體環境是較為安靜.
Coffee shop and “Ajari Ramen“ are located at the same alley. Both are near Exit one of Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. It has outdoor seats, just like “PS Tapas” and “ABV Bar & Kitchen”. Mot of its high chairs are facing outside near the window. It is similar like “Table for One” coffee shop version. The shop also has two-people seats and sofa area. The overall atmosphere is quiet.




English Name: Cappuccino with honey and cinnamon flavor
Price: NTD $150
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Peekaboo Coffee 彼咖舖咖啡低消為一杯飲品, 因為不限時, 價格相當合理. 咖啡奶泡綿密, 帶有特殊香氣的肉桂粉早已在拉花前就已灑在咖啡上, 蜂蜜風味並不明顯, 卻讓咖啡有獨特甜味, 因為三個主角 (咖啡, 肉桂, 蜂蜜 ) 都太過於獨特, 導致有點不太平衡, 我不是很習慣. 我會建議點單品咖啡或是只有單一配料的卡布奇諾 (例如黑糖咖啡).
The minimum charge of Peekaboo coffee is one drink. Since it doesn’t have the limited time policy, NTD $150 seemed very reasonable. The foam is fluffy. The unique cinnamon powders are already at the coffee surface before latte art. However, the honey aroma isn’t too obvious and brings sweetness to the coffee. All three ingredients (coffee, cinnamon, honey) all carry unique and different flavor. I am not used to this type of combination.




English Name: Creme Brûlée
Price: NTD $100
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最多人到 Peekaboo Coffee 彼咖舖咖啡點司康, 我點的則是他們的烤布蕾, 一層脆且薄的糖片覆蓋著布蕾, 布丁溫熱口感加上適度甜度, 但是我依舊喜歡 “大初 Teppanyaki“的有糖顆粒的烤布蕾.
Most people order scones at Peekaboo coffee. However, I ordered their Creme Brûlée. One thin layer of caramelized sugar is placed on the top of smooth flan. But, I still prefer the “Da-chu Teppanyaki” creme brûlée with sugar granule.







店名: 彼咖舖咖啡
地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路三段251巷7弄2號 (MAP)
捷運: 忠孝復興捷運站
營業時間: 以臉書為主
Restaurant Name: Peekaboo Coffee
Address: No. 2, 7th alley, 251th Lane, 3rd section, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongxiao  Fuxing MRT station
Tel: 02-2721-9363
Operation Hour: Check Facebook