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(2019.3. 歇業) 長田和食日本料理新店七張捷運站美食名單之一 , 除了提供優質的午間定食 (NTD $430) 外, 也是一家適合家庭聚會的餐廳, 這次跟主廚和朋友們約好來這家餐廳試菜.
(Closed at 2019.3) Osada Japanese Restaurant is located near Qizhang MRT station at New Taipei City. Besides price-friendly Lunch Set, it is also a suitable place for family dining place.


”隱藏版美食“與”無派系日本料理“會是長田和食的最佳形容詞, 英文歌曲環繞著傳統木質裝潢的日本料理餐廳, 二樓有八人包廂和大圓桌適合家庭聚會, 建議跟主廚討論配菜或是宴會和菜. 我跟朋友們共三個人坐在一樓的吧台跟主廚互動, 因為試菜的份量比想像地多, 我就照我愛吃的順序寫.
This restaurant has traditional indoor design but yet creative Japanese dishes. There are private dining room for 8 and round table for family dining. My friends and I sit at the bar section and interact with the executive chef. Since there are too many dishes, it would be better to write my favorite dish at the beginning.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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Price: NTD $ 1200/位



English Name: Nigiri
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比目魚鰭邊肉屬於高價食材, 看著象牙白色的比目魚裡油脂在暗藍色的高溫炙燒過程中釋出, 下一秒已夾起握壽司放入口中, “啊~ 就是這熟悉的入口即化的最完美口感“. 另外一個精彩的握壽司則是採用12日天然紅甘, 我還沒進食品業之前認為魚肉一定要新鮮吃, 後來才知道新鮮並不代表是食材最美味的時候, 魚跟牛排一樣都可以熟成,魚本身的甜味會經由熟成而適度釋出, 此款握壽司表層有著炙燒的痕跡, 較適合細嚼慢嚥, 享受著紅甘的肥美, 我個人非常推薦這兩道握壽司.
This dish has Halibut and Aged Dumerili Nigiri. The Halibut fats are released due to the high temperature. The texture of this Nigiri becomes almost invisible to the month since it is way too soft and delicious. Before working at the food industry, I always think fresh seafood is the best. However, after working in a few years, I know that aged process would be make the fish more delicious, just like the steak. Aged Dumerili Nigiri has hints of sweet and also delicious as well.




English Name: Plum Flavored Wine
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長田和食在酒類飲品頗具巧思, 除了自家的“大人的柚子生啤”外, 也有這杯自家調和梅酒, 品酌一口室溫的梅酒, 鹹度比預期中地高, 南投1年熟成水里梅也帶出少許甜味, 加了冰塊後順口許多, 鹹甜平衡, 很適合單飲, 不需搭配任何餐點就已經很出色.
Plum flavored wine is quite common in Japanese alcohol category. The most famous brand would be Choya. Osada Japanese Restaurant enhanced the plum flavored by adding real plums. The palate can sense more salty than sweet at room temperature. After adding ice, the balance between salty and sweetness is perfect.




English Name: Tempera
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當主廚端上一整盤天婦羅時, 雖然沒有蝦, 我倒是看到兩個較少看到的食材- 海苔與花枝, 海苔口感酥脆且沒有油耗味, 最為特別的是炸花枝, 麵衣完全保存著花枝本身的鮮味, Q 彈的口感如預期地讓人滿意. 我蠻推薦這家的天婦羅.
I saw two interesting food ingredients in this tempura dish – Seaweed and Squid. The seaweed is crispy instead of oily as expected. The most surprising is that the squid is tender and reserve its seafood flavor. I would recommend their seafood tempera for sure.




English Name: Seafood Hot Pot
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滿滿的海鮮食材在鍋物中緩緩地用小火燉煮, 帆立貝依舊鮮嫩, 絲毫沒有因為熬煮而變得過度嚼勁, 三個人跟主廚一邊喝著鮮醇的湯頭, 一邊聊天, 日本料理不就是應該要慢慢吃慢慢享受?
Tons of seafood ingredients are placed in the pot and stewed slowly. The clams still tastes tender. Three of us drink the soup broth and chat at the same time. Isn’t it the meaning of Japanese cuisine – slow and enjoy the moment?




English Name: Steak and Duck Breast Meat
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這一道西式拼盤裡有鹽燒翼板牛排 (Prime), 嫩煎花東櫻桃鴨胸, 蘆筍, 洋蔥與炒菇, 主廚在最後在拼盤上灑鹽完成這一道拼盤, 表現最出色的為櫻桃鴨胸肉, 肥美油脂搭配粉嫩瘦肉, 入口是個巧妙的風味, 後來詢問才知道有黑松露醬與七味粉的提味, 但肉香味完全沒有被菌菇與微辣風味蓋過, 建議搭配同一盤中的焦糖化洋蔥, 為鴨肉加上更多一層甜風味.
This western dish has prime steak, duck breast, asparagus, onion and stir-fried mushroom. The executive chef also spreads salts on the dish. The best part would be the duck breast meat. As the picture shows, the duck meat is moist and tender because of the fats. When tasting it, an interesting flavor appeared, which combines hints of spicy and mushroom flavor. It is the black truffle sauce with shichimi powders. I would suggest to pair the duck meat with caramelized onion to enhance the sweet and duck meat aroma.



前菜 & 刺身

English Name: Appetizer & Sashimi
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我很佩服日本料理主廚的地方就是在準備前菜的部分也是一點都不馬虎, 鮮魚南蠻漬, 鮭魚魚皮凍, 藍蟹鮭魚卵這三種前菜中, 最完美的非”藍蟹鮭魚卵”莫屬, 三粒晶盈剔透的鮭魚卵加上蟹肉鹹風味,瞬間喚醒味蕾, 有著十分的海鮮風味. “鮭魚魚皮凍”則是我意想不到的菜色, 原因是在法國傳統料理裡, 也有相似的菜色 – Head Cheese (豬頭凍), 鮭魚魚皮凍是同樣費工, 雖然有膠質但並不會像吉利丁般有彈性, 反而是軟嫩. 刺身的部分我最喜歡得依舊是鮭魚.
The appetizers include pickled fish, fish skin collagen, and crab meat with roe. The best dish would be the crab meat with roe. Three orange transparent roe pair with salty crabs awake the taste buds in no time. The seafood aroma fulfills the mouth in no time. The fish skin collagen is a bit similar with Head Cheese in French cuisine. The collagen is tender as expected. As for sashimi, I still like the salmon.




English Name: Wintermelon with Yogurt Dessert
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甜點並沒有跟綠茶或是紅豆有關, 而是西瓜小切塊搭配微酸的優酪乳凍, 剛開始吃只有小玉西瓜的香甜, 到後段才有酸甜得的風味, 非常特別.
I am glad that the dessert has nothing to do with red bean nor green tea. In a creative way, the executive chef froze the yogurt with chopped winter melons. The sweet flavor from the winter melon appeared. However, the sour and sweet flavor from the yogurt appeared in the end though.




English Name: Soft Shell Crab Salad
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外層口感酥脆極佳, 軟殼蟹肉雖然不多, 但足以當作前菜的ㄧ部分.
The appearance is crispy and delicious even though there are only small amount of crab meats.



English Name: Fish with seasonal vegetables
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軟嫩的石斑魚搭配脆蘆筍有著不同層次的口感, 秋季野菜則是芋頭, 口感恰到好處, 並不會軟爛.
The tender Grouper fish meat pairs with crisp asparagus has different layers of texture. The seasonal vegetable is taro, which tastes pretty good as well.



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Restaurant Name 店名: 長田和食 Osada Japanese Restaurant
Address: No.166, 2nd Section, Beixin Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City 新北市新店區北新路二段166號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OsadaWasyoku/
Nearby MRT station: Qizhang MRT station 七張捷運站
電話: 02-2910-8181
營業時間:Monday Off
Other Days 11:30 am ~ 2:30pm ; 5:30pm ~ 10:00pm