Irvine Sam Woo Chinese Restaurant 》加州爾灣三和餐廳

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(Closed Down) 美國加州爾灣的三和餐廳是華人圈公認的老字號港式連鎖餐廳, 非常適合大家族宴客.
(Closed Down) Sam Woo Restaurant is one of the oldest Cantonese Restaurants in Irvine, California. It is quite suitable for large family reunion.


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三和餐廳名稱的”三和”代表的天地人和, 爾灣的三和餐廳分為 BBQ Express (類似 Panda Express) 和較為正式的餐廳. 三和餐廳與 “JJ Bakery- Irvine” 和 “大華超市” 在同一個 Culver Plaza 裡, 相當多人會先到 JJ Bakery- Irvine 訂蛋糕再拿去餐廳慶生, 或是吃完三和到 Bakery 買切片蛋糕當下午茶, 相當方便. 當天用餐是週末午餐, 想不到居然也有午餐優惠, 菜餚優惠價格皆在 USD $9.55 和 USD $10.55.
Irvine Sam Woo Chinese Restaurant has two sections – one is BBQ Express (similar with Panda express), the other one is formal restaurant. Sam Woo Restaurant and “JJ Bakery-Irvine” are both located at Culver Plaza. Many people would purchase birthday cake at JJ Bakery and bring to the restaurant to celebrate. Or some of the customers would select sliced cake and choose JJ Bakery as an afternoon tea place. My family and I dined here during weekend lunch time. Surprisingly, they have lunch promotion even at the weekend.


Shui Mai / Shrimp Har Gow/ Daikon Pastry
Price: USD $2.95 / USD $4.25 / USD $2.95
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很久之前搬到爾灣時, 並沒有想像中地有像洛杉磯郡如此多的港式餐廳, 選擇不多. 港式點心是我與家人來這裡都會點, 蘿蔔糕並沒有台北的 “御蓮齋”好吃, 燒賣與蝦餃口感還算不錯, 只是稍微油膩.
There aren’t too many Chinese restaurants in Irvine, comparing with LA County. Dim Sum is a must-order dish series that my family would order. The daikon pastry is not as good as Taipei “Regal Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant”. Shui Mai and Shrimp Har Gow are both tasty but a bit oily.



Shrimp with Walnut
Price: USD $10.55
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很多美國中式餐廳都有販售核桃蝦仁, 原因其實是核桃便宜, 三和餐廳的核桃蝦仁並沒有像 “金鴨子”一樣加鳳梨, 雖然一樣有美乃滋, 但口感不會膩, 也許是因為核桃是分開放, 因此並不是每一口皆是都是油膩感.
Many American Chinese restaurants offer Shrimp with Walnut. The main reason would be the walnut is quite cheap. Different from “Tasty Duck Restaurant”, Sam Woo chef doest put pineapple into the dish. Even there are mayo but the taste is not as oily as expected. I assume that maybe because the walnuts are placed separately.



Beef with Chinese Kale
Price: USD $9.55
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芥蘭口感硬, 鹹嫩牛肉非常下飯, 慶幸太白粉並沒有放太多, 這是三和餐廳點菜率極高的一道料理.
The Chinese kale tastes quite hard as expected. The salty beef has tender texture. Most people order this dish to pair with the rice.



Pork Chop Peking Style
Price: USD $9.55
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三和餐廳雖然號稱港式餐廳, 但也是有賣其他中國料理, 例如江浙菜系的京都排骨. 不會過甜, 肉不會過硬, 也是一道相當下飯的料理, 建議若桌上缺一道甜的料理可以點這一道.
Even though Sam Woo Restaurant is Cantonese restaurant, they also offer other Chinese dishes, such as Pork Chop Peking Style. The flavor is not too sweet. The meat texture is not hard as well. If you want to order a sweet dish, I would suggest this dish.





店名: Sam Woo Restaurant
地址: 15333 Culver Dr #720, Irvine, CA 92606 (Map)
營業時間: 打電話確認
Restaurant Name: Sam Woo Restaurant
Address: 15333 Culver Dr #720, Irvine, CA 92606 (Map)
Tel: 949-262-0688
Operation Hour: Call to Confirm