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(已歇業) 台北市信義安和捷運附近前幾天新開幕一家Hooked To Go著迷咖啡外帶吧, 當時台灣GQ雜誌尚未報導, 原本以為是像台北東區的雨田先生手沖咖啡吧,一樣是單獨只賣外帶手沖咖啡, 抵達店面時發現Hooked To Go 著迷咖啡外帶吧和Tamed Fox 輕食甜點合作成為可內用的複合式咖啡店.
(Closed) There is another new coffee shop called “Hooked To Go” Coffee near Xinyi Anhe MRT station. Before Taiwan GQ magazine released the news, I thought the place would be similar with “Mr. Rdrinks Coffee Shop” , which only sells hand-drip brewing to-go coffees. It turns out that “Hooked To Go” cooperates with “Tamed Fox” brand to become a cafe that sells desserts, light food, and coffee. The shop closed down on July, 2017



Hooked To Go 著迷咖啡外帶吧的純白裝潢讓店面格外顯眼, 店面外擺放著一些帶有點文青氣息的椅子, 讓等待咖啡的上班族可以在繁忙城市中喘一口氣, 也是讓少女們按下手機快門自拍的完美背景. 擺在外帶吧台的咖啡Menu十分簡單, 除了手沖咖啡外和濃縮咖啡, 也有較特別的荔枝氣泡咖啡. 輕食Menu也有較不常見的酪梨三明治無麵粉布朗尼, 整體散放出美式輕食的氛圍.
The exterior is simply but yet eye-catching in between grey concrete jungle. A few chairs are placed outside for those who are waiting for To-Go Coffee. The coffee items on the menu include hand-drip coffee, expresso series and the most special would be “Lychee Sparkling Coffee”. As for the light food menu, it has avocado sandwiches, flourless brownie.. and many more.






Iced Latte
Price: NTD $90
Foodelicious 美味程度: ☕☕☕☕

Hooked To Go的創辦人熟練地製作夏天適合品酌的冰拿鐵, 採用自動研磨機, 用數位電子秤衡量時, 細心地確定研磨咖啡粉的品質 (有無結塊), 每個環節都需顧及,才能有完美比例且不會苦澀的Expresso. 將深褐色濃縮咖啡注入純白牛奶, 強烈的對比顏色讓人非常期待最終作品. 小酌一口後, 發現鮮奶的濃醇與咖啡濃郁香味兩者皆是這款飲料的主角, 並不會互搶風頭, 一杯拿鐵除了咖啡豆外, 也需顧及其他材料例如鮮奶的選用和冰塊的比例. 不虧是咖啡空少努力打造的品牌.
Hooked To Go’s founder uses automatic grinding machine and digital scales to weight the perfect dose. He even double-checked the quality of the powder in order to create a perfect expresso. When taking a sip at the latte, the tastebuds can sense the creamy milk and strong expresso merged perfectly. You would immediately realize that besides the coffee beans, they also carefully select the good quality milk and check the ice percentage. Each procedure is taken care of by the creator of “world of coffee shops”.


未來有機會再次到店面會嘗試手沖咖啡或荔枝氣泡咖啡, 再搭配酪梨三明治, 一邊趕稿一邊享受被咖啡香味包圍的行動辦公室! In the future, I will definitely try the hand-drip coffee or lychee sparkling coffee pairing with avocado sandwiches.




延伸閱讀: 2017 台北新開幕餐廳與咖啡店/2017 Taipei New Restaurants and Cafes Guide




Restaurant Name店名: Hooked To Go 著迷咖啡外帶吧
Address: No. 56, Lane 122, Section 4, Ren-Ai Road, Taipei City 台北市大安區仁愛路四段122巷56號 (MAP)
Facebook: N/A (已歇業)
MRT station 捷運站: Xinyi Anhe MRT Station 信義安和捷運站
Tel: (已歇業)
Operation Hour: (已歇業)