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Folio Hotel Daan Taipei 屬於台北大安區住宿飯店之一, 因為是大安捷運站附近的飯店, 其交通相當方便.
Folio Hotel Daan Taipei is located at Taipei Da’an District. Its location and traffic is easy to access since the hotel is right next to Da’an MRT station.

這次剛好受邀在 Folio Hotel Daan Taipei 樓下的 Port 23 義式餐廳用餐, 我特別請飯店行銷人員帶我去參觀飯店住宿房型與週邊, 並無實際住宿心得.
I was invited by the hotel to dine at Port 23 Restaurant. I ask the staff to take me to visit around the hotel and room. However, I didn’t live there to write a review.

延伸閱讀: Port 23 Taipei 》Folio Hotel 台北大安區飯店餐廳之海鮮饗宴

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交通資訊 Traffic Information

Folio Hotel Daan Taipei 位於信義路四段巷弄內,與“香頌私宅”一樣的白色建築在白天時顯得相當亮眼, 距離大安捷運站步行不用5分鐘. 房客可從大安捷運站搭到知名台北 101或是中正紀念堂或是其他台北景點, 可以說是四通八達, 晚上若肚子餓, 可以到信維市場的 “感謝您路邊攤”攤位或是 “饞食坊” 購買宵夜.
Folio Hotel Daan Taipei is located near 4th Section of Xinyi Road. The building color is as white as “Chanson Bistro”, which is outstanding during the day. The hotel guest can take the subway to Taipei 101 or CKS Memorial Hall or other sight-seeing places. If getting hungry at night, the hotel guest can grab late night snack or food at “Thank you Street Food Booth” or “Zen Food Restaurant”.

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飯店 Hotel

飯店人員介紹我才知道 Folio Hotel Daan Taipei 原本是合庫員工宿舍, 與 “台中藍天飯店 Bluesky Hotel” 皆是老建築改造. 富邦集團的富邦旅館管理顧問股份有限公司聘請設計師保持原先公寓結構, 飯店大廳並沒有五星級飯店”昇恆昌金湖飯店”氣派, 而是偏向 “台北東旅”的商旅, 每一層更是以不一樣顏色作為主題, 一樓為藍色, 二樓為黃色, 三樓為粉紅色. Folio Hote Daan  Taipei  與 忠孝復興捷運站的 “Home Hotel” 一樣會不定期舉辦藝文活動.
Folio Hotel Daan Taipei was a old building, which was most likely a dorm for the bank staffs. It seemed to be similar with “Bluesky Hotel”. The lobby is not as large as “Golden Lake Hotel”. Instead, it is a bit like Business Hotel, such as “Hotel East”. Each floor has its own color theme. First floor is blue, second is yellow and third floor is pink color. Also, Folio Hotel Daan Taipei sometimes would host Artistic and Cultural Activities, just like “Home Hotel”.

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富旅客房 Voyage Room

飯店房型共有四種, 飯店人員帶我逛富旅客房, 也是四種房型裡最大的房型, 可選一大床或是兩個單人床. 由於之前是員工宿舍, 坪數都不大, 共同點是每間房間皆沒有浴缸, 備品都是採用台灣品牌, 衣櫥也是開放式. 文末影片有更清楚的介紹. 
There are 4 types of rooms in the hotel. The hotel staff and I visit the largest room – Voyage Room. The guest can choose one twin bed or two single beds. Since it was dorm, the room isn’t large. Every room doesn’t have bath tub. All the drink/snack/showering brand are from Taiwan. The video at the end has more details.

♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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飯店: Folio Hotel Daan Taipei
地址: 台北市大安區信義路四段30巷23號 (Map)
捷運站: 大安捷運站
電話: 02-6626-0658
Restaurant: Folio Hotel Daan Taipei
Address: No. 23, 30th Lane, 4th Section, Xinyi Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Da’an MRT Station
Tel: 02-6626-0658