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(已結束營業 ) 經過松山區新開幕的 “ EGGY 什麼是蛋澳式早午餐 ”, 鮮黃色蛋造型招牌裝潢捕獲許多少女心.
(Closed) Passing by the newly-opened “Eggy Australian Brunch Restaurant” at Songshan District, its bright yellow egg restaurant sign has catches many attentions with the young generations.


EGGY 菜單在文末 EGGY Menu is at the end of article

異國料理餐廳 (例如: “50/50 cuisine française” ) 紛紛在選擇在街頭風景神似紐約曼哈頓西村的民生社區開幕, 而非內湖或是台北東區. 有些人認為民生社區交通不方便, 其實直接從南京三民捷運站一號出口走到 “EGGY 什麼是蛋澳式早午餐”只需約15~ 20分鐘, 並沒有想像中地困難.
Foreign cuisine restaurants choose to open at Taipei Mingshen Community, which its street view is similar with West Village in Manhattan. People might think that it is not easy to visit there with public transportation. As a matter of fact, you can walk to Mingshen Community from Nanking Sanmin MRT station Exit 1. It only takes 15 ~ 20 minutes walking distance.

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當我看到 EGGY 的餐廳全名時, 我心裡想何謂正統的 “澳式早午餐”? 一位來自澳洲的朋友曾經提到, 如果紐約早午餐文化是 Sex and the City 裡的香檳早午餐, 那澳式早午餐文化就是穿著 Lululemon 運動服坐在戶外座位吃著新鮮水果與蛋的健康早午餐組合. 由於台灣盛產水果, 幾乎每家早午餐餐廳都會有新鮮水果點綴, 我目前唯一能想到的這家餐廳和其他餐廳的差別只有酸麵包,酪梨, 和澳式咖啡.
When I see the restaurant’s full name, I only wonder what exactly is “Australian Brunch”? If New York Brunch theme is Sex and the City Champion Brunch, then Australian Brunch theme is people who wear Lululemon yoga gear and eat fresh produce brunch at outdoor seats. The above statement is given by my Australian friend. However, in Taiwan, almost every brunch restaurant has fresh produce. So, I can only think the difference might the sourdough, avocado, and flat white.




Salmon Avocado Omelette & Hash Brown Ball Shape
Price: NTD $230
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目前菜單皆是單點, 尚未有套餐組合. 繽紛色彩擺盤彷彿正逢春天季節的後花園, 鮮黃色的長型歐姆蛋為基底, 放置 2 ~ 3 粉嫩鮭魚切片, 抹上少許青綠色酪梨醬, 最後與耀眼黑魚子醬共譜這道料理的專屬樂曲. 身為配角的酪梨醬稱職地平衡鮭魚與魚子醬的鹹味. 一口歐姆蛋入口時, 口感並沒有 “am Daily餐廳“ 歐姆蛋的紮實感, 而是鬆軟且濕潤, 燻鮭魚內餡以洋蔥提味, 讓這道料理相當開胃. 馬鈴薯餅球視覺上像是在義大利料理常看到的肉丸, 酥脆口感外, 也帶點辛香. 我會建議這道料理給不愛吃酸麵包早午餐的人.
They now only offer single dish instead of set option. The chef places the long bright yellow omelette first. There are layers of decoration – 2 ~ 3 sliced salmon, small amount of green avocado, and the precious bright black caviar. Even though the omelette texture is not as dense as “am Daily Restaurant”, it is still delicious with soft and moist texture. The filling is smoked salmon with sliced onions, which brings out more craving. The hash brown ball shape is like the meatball at Italian cuisine. Besides the crispy texture, the hash brown also has hints of spices. I would recommend this dish to people that do not like sourdough for brunch/breakfast.



拿鐵咖啡 (冰)

Ice Latte
Price: NTD $110
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照理說來 “EGGY 什麼是蛋澳式早午餐”, 應該要點 Flat White 或是 Piccolo Latte (見文末菜單), 但是因為 Flat White 的牛奶量比拿鐵較少, 早午餐我還是習慣喝牛奶量較多的拿鐵, 較為可惜的是這家餐廳尚未有新鮮現打果汁. 冰拿鐵咖啡並不會過苦, 淡淡奶香與適量咖啡因, 適合搭配任何一款早午餐.
I know that I should order Flat White or Piccolo Latte at the Australian Brunch restaurant. However, I am still used to have Latte for breakfast, which has more milk comparing with Flat White. Also, sadly, they do not have fresh juice. The Ice Latte is not too bitter. There are hints of milk aroma and fair amount of caffeine. It is suitable to pair with any brunch.



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店名: EGGY 什麼是蛋澳式早午餐
地址: 台北市松山區民生東路五段36巷8弄64號1樓 (Map)
捷運: 南京三民捷運站
營業時間: 以臉書為主
備註: 這家需要先預約
Restaurant Name: Eggy Australian Brunch Restaurant
Address: No. 64, 8th Alley, 36th Lane, 5th section, Mingshen East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Nanking Sanmin MRT station
Tel: 02-2742-5551
Operation Hour: Check Facebook
Remark: You would need to reserve prior visiting.



MENU (Sorry, I am not good at taking pictures of the menu)