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(已結束營業) Duchamp Wine & Bistro & Cafe台北民生社區餐廳之一, 裝潢與料理皆是以歐美主題為主, 這次有這個榮幸可以品嚐到他們的料理.
Duchamp Wine & Bistro & Cafe is one of the restaurants at Mingshen Community (Songshan District). The decoration and cuisines are mainly european. Now, I have the opportunity to taste some of their cuisines.



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由於餐廳位置在民生社區, 松山機場捷運站3號出口會是最近的捷運出口, 路程大約15分鐘. 在夜晚時, 位於轉角處的Duchamp Wine & Bistro & Cafe相當顯眼, 來往路人透過落地窗可看到充滿藝術感的室內裝潢. 門口擺著一座古典鋼琴, 深紅絨布簾裝潢就像要舞台揭開序幕一般,兩人座位在落地窗旁, 黑白座位也是精心配色.
The number 3 exit at Songshan Airport would be the closest to this restaurant. During the night, the Duchamp Wine & Bistro & Cafe appearance is eye-catching at the corner. The bystanders can look through the window and see the beautiful and artistic indoor design with red curtain. The classic piano is placed near the entrance. The two-people seats, which is black and white, are near the window.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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10 ~ 12 人包廂是用絨布簾隔開, 也有專屬投影機, 長桌擺設相當適合辦品酒會. 餐廳也有提供包場服務. 中午有商業午餐, 晚餐以單點為主, 近期也推出 “Duchamp Tapas”的活動, 價格明細都在文末. 當天吃的料理很多, 我就從我最喜歡的料理開始寫.
10 ~ 12 people private dining room is separated with red curtain. It has its own projector. The long table is suitable for wine party. This restaurant also offers business lunch set. My friend and I tasted many dishes, and I would start with the dish that I like the most.

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Grilled Salmon Fettuccini with wasabi cream sauce
Price: NTD $680
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

鮭魚三重奏包括煙燻鮭魚, 煎鮭魚排和鮭魚卵. 義大利寬麵與奶油醬交錯, 上方放著一塊香煎鮭魚排, 再以少許像珍珠般的鮭魚卵作為點綴. 切下香煎鮭魚排時會有ㄎㄠˇ一聲, 脆的口感是意想不到, 魚肉嫩度高, 除了少許海鮮風味外, 淺綠色山葵奶油醬帶給整道料理更充足的奶油風味, 並不會過於辛辣, 建議鮭魚要沾醬入口會更好吃. 不時搭配鮭魚卵更是讓海鮮風味更濃郁, 煙燻鮭魚並不明顯, 也會有酸豆隱約藏在寬麵中 , 我會推薦這道料理.
This dish includes smoked salmon, grilled salmon and roe. The Fettuccini is mixed the creamy sauce. The grilled salmon is placed on the top, with small amount of beautiful roe. The salmon taste is crispy and tender along with more buttery flavor  from the green color wasabi cream sauce. It is perfect to pair with salmon and not too spicy. The roe increases this dish’s seafood flavor. However, the smoked salmon is not obvious. I strongly recommend this dish.



Roasted Seasonal Vegetable
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

看似較不起眼的烤時蔬中藏著意想不到的食材, 也可沾放置在一旁的溫熱番茄醬 (不是 Salsa 醬), 我比較喜歡吃原味蔬菜, 食材裡最愛帶葉小玉米, 因為相當新鮮且甜, 美味櫛瓜軟中帶脆, 除了細長條蘆筍外, 也有清脆皎白筍, 更加上芝麻葉, 帶有微微的苦味. 每款蔬菜皆是以二為單位, 我會建議若兩人來用餐, 可以點這份當做前菜分享.
There are unexpected ingredients in this simple roasted seasonal vegetable dish along with warm tomato sauce (not salsa). I personally like original flavor of the vegetables. I like their grilled small corn since it is extremely fresh and sweet. The zucchini, asparagus and bamboo are all very crispy. A bit of arugula is also quite refreshing too. I would recommend people to order this dish as appetizer.




Kavalan Pork Chop with garlic flavor
Price: NTD $360
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

Duchamp Wine & Bistro & Cafe 跟 “五味瓶 C’est la vie Bistro” 一樣皆將台灣知名的葛瑪蘭豬肉放進菜單裡. 長方形木盤上除了放置薄切里肌豬排外, 也放置在牛排館 (例如 “A Cut Steakhouse”) 常見的蒜球,這道料理的豬肉其實鹹度不高, 而是帶有點蒜香, 有著經典嚼勁口感, 若嫌單調, 可建議擠上幾滴檸檬, 風味瞬間轉變成南洋風, 我是比較喜歡加蒜頭, 蒜味香氣加倍, 更像下酒菜.
Same as “C’est la vie Bistro”, the chef places the Kavalan pork into the menu. Besides thin-cut pork chop, there are also garlic displaying at the side (just like at “A Cut Steakhouse” at the wooden plate. The pork is not too salty but with hints of garlic flavor and classic chewy taste. You can squeeze the lemon and drizzle into the dish. The taste would transfer into southeast flavor, which is refreshing. I personally like to add actual garlic though.



Roasted half baby chicken
Price: NTD $580
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

因為是烤半雞, 不需要像“香頌私宅洋樓”需要桌邊服務, 帶有油脂的雞肉不會乾柴, 反而相當嫩, 在切雞肉時, 雞油會間接淋在炸馬鈴薯圈上, 除了酥脆口感外, 更多了香雞風味. 一樣是有烤時蔬的配置, 可倒入一些酸甜莓果醬在時蔬上增加風味.
Since it is half baby chicken, there is not need for table service like at “Chanson Bistro”. The chicken is not dry, instead, it is tender.The fried potato ring with fair amount of chicken oil is crispy and delicious. There is the expected berry sauce on the side, so the customer can pour it on the seasonal vegetable.



Moore Garden Salad (Home made drying fruit)
Price: NTD $380
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這道菜是花園沙拉, 而不是田園沙拉, 顧名思義有花瓣點綴 繽紛色彩相當討喜, 沙拉裡有廚師烘乾的果乾, 廚師串起青蘋果乾點綴成為最搶眼的裝飾, 青蘋果乾並沒有多於的糖份, 香蕉乾的香蕉風味十足也是最具風味的一款, 紅色甜菜根與星狀楊桃乾則是帶給這道料理視覺上的效果. 跟另一道地中海烤時蔬相比, 我會建議點地中海烤時蔬.
Since it is called garden salad, there are small of petal decoration and colorful. The most interesting part would be the home-made dried fruit. The sliced dried green apple are placed at the long pick is eye-catching. The dried banana is so far with full banana aroma. The red Beetroot and star-shape starfruit is the best visual decoration. Comparing with grilled vegetable dish, I would recommend the grilled vegetable dish.




Price: NTD $180
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

跟 “Piccola Botega”一樣是將提拉米蘇放進杯中, Size 差不多,因為巧克力粉較厚, 因此是巧克力風味為主, 絲毫沒有咖啡或是酒風味, 最大不同是這道提拉米蘇並沒有蛋糕體, 並不會有過乾蛋糕體的問題.
The tiramisu is displayed in the cup, just like “Piccola Botega”. The size is similar. Because the chocolate powder is thick, there is full of chocolate flavor. There isn’t any coffee nor alcohol flavor. The most interesting part would be there isn’t any cake.


南緯35度 精選夏多娜白葡萄酒

San Pedro 35 South Chardonnay Reserva 2016
Price: NTD $788/bottle
ABV: 12.5%
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這瓶白酒來自智利Central Valley, 葡萄酒體中等, 楊桃與檸檬香氣濃郁, 整體並沒有想像中的酸, 搭配我寫的第一道料理鮭魚三重奏奶油寬麵恰到好處.
This white wine’s origin is Central Valley, Chile. The wine body is medium body. The starfruit and lemon flavor is flavorful. Generally speaking, there isn’t much acidity. It is great pairing with the Grilled Salmon Fettuccini with wasabi cream sauce dish.

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