Circle Pasta 小圈子 》總是客滿的台北大安區義大利麵餐廳 (內有菜單)

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(已結束營業 ) Circle Pasta 小圈子義大利麵台北國父紀念館美食之一, 經營團隊是來自永康街 CELLO 騎樓義大利麵 , Circle Pasta 菜單上多數都是簡單的義大利麵.
(Closed) Circle Pasta is one of the restaurants near Taipei SYS Memorial Hall MRT station. Most dishes on Circle Pasta menu are Italian pasta.

Circle Pasta 小圈子菜單 在文末 》Circle Pasta Menu is at the end of Article

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Circle Pasta 訂位

Circle Pasta Reservation

Circle Pasta 小圈子義大利麵餐廳離國父紀念館捷運站二號出口只有 10 分鐘路程, 過仁愛路四段轉進巷弄即可抵達, 餐廳位置就在金魚日本料理的對面. 餐廳門口有座位可讓等候的客人坐. 餐廳內的牆上掛著舒淇的電影海報(?!), 桌椅則是類似 “花滔廚房 La Cucina di Flora” 很家常 , 這裡的長桌適合朋友聚餐. Circle Pasta 小圈子義大利麵是星期三固定公休, Circle Pasta 訂位直接打電話即可 (02-2755-3355 ).
Circle Pasta Italian restaurant is near Exit 2 of SYS Memorial Hall MRT station about 10 minutes walk. There are seats at the door side for customers to sit while waiting for the seats. The tables and chairs are similar with “La Cucina di Flora” home style. This place is quite suitable for friends’ gathering. Their off day is Wednesday. You can just call to reserve 02-2755-3355.

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Circle Pasta 辣醬

Circle Pasta Chili Sauce

Circle Pasta 小圈子 與 “麵日和”一樣都是用 Barilla 品牌的義大利麵條, 並不是像 “Papi Pasta” 是自製麵條. 需要提醒你們要主動跟店家要「自製辣椒醬 」, 這裡的辣椒醬並不是 “Masa Taco” 的辣太后辣醬, 店家只用切碎新鮮辣椒, 橄欖油與義大利香料拌炒, 吃起來是小辣, 香氣十足, 可讓義大利麵多一層風味.
Both Circle Pasta and “Men Biyori” use Barilla brand pasta. It is not self-made pasta like at “Papi Pasta”. You would need to remind the restaurant to give you their “custom-made hot sauce”. Circle pasta restaurant only uses chopped fresh chilis, spices and EVOO. It tastes mild spicy but with tons of aromas. You can add one more flavor layer to the pasta.

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Circle Pasta 義大利麵菜餚

Circle Pasta Pasta


Linguine with Clams and White Wine Sauce
Price: NTD $260
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朋友是推薦 Circle Pasta 小圈子 的“清炒系列義大利麵“, 所以我點了最基本的白酒蛤蜊義大利麵. 麵吃起來 al dente , 雖然蛤蜊不是個個飽滿, 仍舊有海鮮風味, 搭配蒜香則是經典, 些許義大利香料讓這道料理加分, 加上一些店家自製辣椒醬, 就類似 “餵公子吃咖哩“ 的藤椒油一樣推疊出更多風味. 我個人蠻推薦這道白酒蛤蜊義大利麵, NTD $260 在台北東區是可以接受. 
My friend recommends “Stir-Fried Pasta without red/white sauce”. So, I ordered the basic Linguine with Clams and White Wine Sauce. Pasta itself is al dente. Even though the clams are not the most juicy one, but still contains fair amount of seafood flavor. Pairing with garlic flavor is a classic combination. I would recommend you add a bit of the chili sauce. I would recommend this pasta. NTD $260 per dish is accept in Taipei East District. Circle Pasta is more suitable for people who would like to have easy lunch or easy dinner.

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Linguine With Tarako, Scallop & Tomato Sauce
Price: NTD $340
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這一道是我朋友點的, 我沒吃. 她原本以為會是白醬或是清炒, 可惜是紅醬, 而且店員並沒有跟我朋友說這道是偏辣.
My friend ordered this dish. She thought that it is white sauce or stir-friend. However, it is red sauce. And the staff didn’t mention that the sauce is spicy.


結論 Conclusion

我快吃遍大安區義大利麵餐廳, 我直接將 Solo Pasta , Note-Inhouse , 與 Circle Pasta 的美味程度做比較吧. 我個人喜歡的義大利麵餐廳順序為 Solo Pasta > Circle Pasta 小圈子 > Note-Inhouse  . Circle Pasta 比較適合吃 Easy Lunch 或 Easy Dinner 的人.
I already visited most Italian pasta restaurants at Da’an District. My preference would be Solo Pasta > Circle Pasta > Note – Inhouse.

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Circle Pasta 小圈子 資訊

Circle Pasta Information

餐廳: Circle Pasta
地址: 台北市大安區延吉街233巷11號1樓 (Map)
捷運站: 國父紀念館捷運站
電話: 02-2755-3355
Restaurant: Circle Pasta
Address: No. 11, 233th Lane, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: SYS Memorial Hall MRT station
Tel: 02-2755-3355


Circle Pasta 菜單 》Circle Pasta Menu