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翟九麵館台北 2023 新開幕餐廳, 也是遠百信義 A13 4樓餐廳美食之一 . 翟九菜單以台灣美食居多, 例如蔥肉餃子, 滷牛舌, 招牌肉燥乾麵.
Chai Jiu Restaurant is a 2023 newly open Taipei restaurant in Xinyi District. It is located at 4F of Far Eastern Department stores. Chai Jiu menu are mostly Taiwanese foods, include dumplings, braised beef tongue, and minced pork noodle.



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About Chai Jiu Restaurant

翟九麵館的「翟」是唸「⠀ㄓㄞˊ」, 翟九麵館源起於新竹, 已經營 40 多年, 在新竹有三家店 (聯絡細節) : 竹北總店, 新竹創始店與竹北遠百店, 2023 新開幕的翟九麵館信義店位於遠百信義 A13 百貨4樓, 離象山捷運站與台北 101 世貿捷運站都很近. 餐廳有兒童椅, 而且翟九麵館菜單有提供兒童餐.
Chai Jiu Restaurant is originated at Hsinchu City. It has operated over 40 years. It has 3 stores at Hsinchu City (Contact Info). The 2023 newly-opened Chai Jiu restaurant Xinyi store is located at 4F of Far Eastern Department Store. It is closed to Elephant mountain MRT station and Taipei 101 MRT station. The restaurant has child safety seats and kid’s meal menu

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翟九麵館菜餚 Review

Chai Jiu Restaurant Dishes Review


Signature Braised Platter
Price: 細節如下 Details Down Below

客人可以單點滷味, 也可以點拼盤.滷味拼盤價格有分三種 (Pic 1). 這次品嚐: 肉品六選一, 配菜九選三 = NTD $268.
The customer can order single braised dish or order the platter. The biased platter has three types (Pic 1). This time, we have select 1 meat dish out of 6 meat dishes, select 3 side dishes out of 9 side dishes.




Dried Bean Curd
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這款豆干最受客人歡迎 , 有氣孔且吸收飽滿的滷汁, 讓我想起之前在 “南港北大荒”吃到的美味豆干,翟九麵館的豆干有適量鹹香不錯吃, 我個人會推薦點.
This dried bean curd is the most popular dish. It absorbs fair amount of braised sauce. It reminds me of the yummy dried bean curd from “Bei Da Huang restaurant”. This particular dish has fair amount of saltiness and braised aroma. It is delicious as expected. I will recommend to order.

延伸閱讀: 南港展覽館美食》北大荒水餃 | Dumpling | Nankang Exhibition Center Food




White Radish
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

很少台灣小吃店的滷味選項有白蘿蔔, 翟九麵館的白蘿蔔口感不會過硬或是纖維感, 滷透入味, 值得一提的是每種滷味分鍋滷製, 不會影響各自的風味, 因此味蕾也感受到白蘿蔔鮮甜風味, 透嫩且味豐, 喜歡吃滷白蘿蔔的人可以點.
Not many Taiwanese local eat restaurant has braised white radish. Its texture is not too hard. The important part would be that each item is braised individually. So, it won’t interfere each item’s flavor.  Therefore, the braised white radish tastes quite flavorful, including refreshing and sweetness. If you like braised radish, you can order it.



Beef Shank
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

翟九麵館介紹滷汁是採用牛骨, 蔬果, 與10多種中藥長時間熬煮, 別擔心, 並不會有擾人的中藥味. 牛腱是採用澳洲牛肉, 口感嫩且易咬, 有著醇香卻不會過鹹, 如果你沒有點牛肉麵, 我個人會建議你點.
Chai Jiu Restaurant introduces that the braised sauce is braised with cow bone, vegetables and 10ish Chinese medicine. No worries, there won’t be any weird Chinese medicine aroma. The beef shank is from Australia, which tastes quite tender and easy to eat. There are deep flavors but not too salty. If you didnt order Beef noodle, I would suggest you to order.



Braised Pork Knuckles
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

當我看到醬燒這兩個字, 我一直以為是深褐色. 餐廳提到他們只加一些醬油, 因此醬豬肘偏淺褐色, 肥瘦相間, 豬腳肘切片吃起來Q彈也有軟嫩的口感, 如果喜歡重口味, 餐廳有提供自製辣椒籽油 , 辣香很適合搭配這款醬豬肘.
When I see “braised”, I always think of dark brown color. The restaurant mentioned that they only add a few of soy sauce into this braised item. The color turns out to be light brown. The slice of braised pork knuckles is tender. If you like strong flavor, I would suggest to dip in the self-made spicy sauce from the restaurant. Spicy sauce interplays with this dish quite well.



Kelp /Seaweed
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Their seaweed is not too thick nor hard.



Braised Beef Rib Finger with Rice Pairing with Wagyu Beef Meatball
Price: NTD $250 + NTD $80
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

和牛丸是信義店限定, 一顆是80元. 和牛丸是與海瑞貢丸合作, 採用澳洲和牛, 非常美味, 和牛丸僅能於點牛肉系列品項時加購. 端上時, 白飯份量比我預期地多, 甚至比日式親子丼的白飯還要多, 食量大的人一定吃得飽, 特選美國 Choice 等級牛肋條吃起來嫩, 多過於嚼勁. 店家撒上的蔥花恰巧可以襯托出牛肉的肉香, 可以要求店家多一些滷汁搭配白飯, 讓這一道香滷肋條飯完全不單調且美味.
Wagyu Beef Meatball is offered exclusively at Xinyi store. You will need to pay extra NTD $80. And you can only order when you order beef related dish. I have to say that the rice is way more than expected. It is even more than Japanese Oyakodon. If you have large appetite, this dish will definitely fulfill your appetite. The beef rib is USDA choice level, which tastes more tender than chewy. The scallion enhances the beef aroma more. You can also ask the braise sauce to pair with the rice. Overall, it is delicious.



Chaijiu Beef Noodle Soup
Price: NTD $295
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

客人可以選擇粗麵或細麵, 我建議湯麵選擇粗麵, 按照我的習慣先喝一口湯, 過濾地微透徹, 最特別的是牛骨先烤過 (請想像滴著牛油) , 再與蔬果熬煮許久, 湯汁裡並沒有加醬油, 也不走香料路線, 溫和醇香搭配濃郁肉香, 並不會辛辣或是重口味, 味蕾比較敏感的人可以感受到微牛油香, 如果你喜歡重口味, 可加他們的自製辣椒籽油 (圖三) , 「 犇 」 解釋是牛三寶, 牛肋條, 牛腱與牛肚 , 這三款食材是分鍋煮, 燉煮時間不同, 且風味不會混搭. 牛腱與牛肚是來自澳洲,牛肋條則是特選美國 Choice 等級, 我個人最喜歡牛肋條的軟嫩口感與濃郁肉香. 他們也有單賣「 紅燒牛肋條麵 (NTD $230 ) 」.
The customer can choose thick noodle or thin noodle. I would suggest thick noodle for noodles soup. The broth is filtered a bit clear. The most special part would be that beef bone is pre-grilled ( imagine dripping beef tallow ). Then, stewed with vegetables for a long time.They didnt put the soy sauce into the broth. Therefore, the broth is not spicy nor strong flavors. People with sensitive tastebuds can sense the aroma from the beef tallow.  If you prefer strong flavor, you can ask for their homemade spicy sauce (Pic 3).   This beef noodle has three parts of Beef – Beef Rib, Beef Shank and Beef Tripe. Beef shank and beef tripe are from Australia. Each parts are stewed and braised individually. I personally prefer the tenderness and meaty flavor from the beef rib. They also offer「 Beef Rib Noodle Soup (NTD $230 ) 」.

延伸閱讀: 台北牛肉麵餐廳懶人包 (分區) 》TAIPEI BEEF NOODLE GUIDE (By District)




Handmade Pork Dumpling with Scallions
Price: NTD $85
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

一份有八個蔥肉餃子. 這是翟九麵館經營40 多年一開始就有的明星菜餚, 店家堅持用屏東黑豬的後腿肉部位, 宜蘭蔥與高山的高麗菜 , 皮不會過厚, 咬一口蔥香滿滿, 內餡裡的胡椒粉為肉與蔥提香, 雖然個頭小, 因為不錯吃, 忍不住還是分兩口吃, ,餐廳也有專屬的水餃醬汁.
Each dish has 8 units dumplings. This is the signature dish since Chai Jiu Restaurant was opened. The chef always use Pington Black Pig’s leg, Yilan scallions, and crisp cabbage from the mountain. The appearance is not too thick. When tasting, you can sense the full amount of scallion aroma. The filling also has small amount of peppers. Even though the size is small, I still eat this dumpling with two bites because of its tasty flavor.They also have dumpling sauce, which is mixed with soy sauce and sesame oil.



Taro Sago Sweet Soup
Price: NTD $85
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這一碗芋泥西米露的份量夠兩人分享, 比一般飯店販售的西米露份量多, 椰奶風味居多, 手工熬製的芋泥並不是一塊塊, 即使平常不太吃芋頭的我都蠻喜歡這款芋泥西米露.
The quantity of this dessert is enough for 2 people to share. The coconut flavor dominates. The taro is not in chunk. I like this dessert and I don’t even eat taro that much.



Braised Beef Tongue
Price: NTD $360
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

厚切滷牛舌是以重量來serve , 而不是片數. 我上次在中式餐廳吃牛舌是在 “鄒記食舖”, 翟九麵館的每一片滷牛舌吃起來皆脆易咬, 不會像燒肉店有嚼勁, 店家已在牛舌淋上一些醬汁 , 讓鹹香帶出更多隱藏的牛舌肉香, 為這道信義店限定菜餚打造更立體的風味架構.
Braised beef tongue is served with weight instead of slices. I had beef tongue at “Zou Ji restaurant” , which is a Chinese restaurant. Each slice of braised beef tongue is crispy. The chef also puts braise sauce on the beef tongue. More flavors can enhance and show more beef tongue meaty flavor. It builds up flavor profile of this dish.

延伸閱讀: 鄒記食舖 Zou Ji 》關於這家台北私廚的五件事 (內有 500 盤的菜餚)




Pork Meatball Soup
Price: NTD $60
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

黑豬肉貢丸湯是信義店限定, 湯底是用豬骨熬成, 並不是像一般小吃店提供清徹的湯, 黑豬肉貢丸渾圓, 而且刻意切開吸收更多豚骨湯底.
This dish is offered exclusively at Xinyi store only. The broth is stewed with pork bones, therefore, it is not as clear as other meatball soup. The meatball size is quite large and absorbs fair amount of broth.



White Gourd Lemonade (Wintermelon Lemonade)
Price: NTD $85
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

壁咚蕾夢娜是冰冬瓜檸檬茶, 很少在餐廳喝到冬瓜系列的茶, 喝起來有適量的甜度與檸檬香氣.
You don’t usually drink White Gourd related tea at a restaurant. It tastes quite sweet and has lemon aroma.



Chaijiu Minced Pork Noodle + Braised Egg
Price: NTD $100 + NTD $25
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

客人可以選擇粗麵或是細麵, 我建議乾拌麵選擇細麵, 滷蛋為加購. 豬肉則是台灣屏東飼養15 個月的黑豬肉. 在拌麵時, 肉燥均勻攪拌, 充滿誘惑且香噴噴的肉香撲鼻而來, 麵的份量頗多, 可以請他們再多加一些醬汁, 足夠讓每一口細麵皆有鹹香與油蔥香, 如果想要多層次風味, 建議跟店員要他們自製辣籽油.
The customer can choose thick noodle or thin noodle. I would suggest thin noodle for the dry noodle. You will need to pay extra for the braised egg. The chef uses Black pig from Pingtung, Taiwan. While mixing the noodle with minced pork, I can smell the meaty aroma. The noodle quantity is quite large. You can ask for more sauce, so every bite has flavors along with shallot aroma. If you want more flavors, you can ask for the spicy sauce.



Hot and Sour Soup
Price: NTD $60
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

原本以為酸辣湯喝起來會像 “鼎泰豐”酸辣湯偏溫和,翟九麵館的酸辣湯一入口, 酸多過於辣, 裡面有肉絲且料的份量多, 愛喝湯之人適合點.
I thought that this soup will be mild, just like the one that I had at “Din Tai Fung”. This particular soup has more acidity flavor than spicy flavor. It also has pork slice and fair amount of other ingredients. You can order it if you like drinking soup.

延伸閱讀: Din Tai Fung 2023 》N 訪到我有自己的鼎泰豐菜單 2023 推薦美食排名



Pickled Cucumber
Price: NTD $45
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

清脆又開胃, 比較特別的是有蒜香, 涼拌小黃瓜很適合夏天.
It is crisp and refreshing. The special part would be it has garlic flavor. The pickled cucumber is suitable for summer.



Chaijiu House Special
Price: NTD $45
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

寒天三絲有小黃瓜絲, 紅蘿蔔絲與寒天, 並不是海蜇皮, 吃起來清爽, 點來作為開胃小點是個不錯的選擇,
This appetizer has slices of cucumbers , red carrot, and kanten (agar) . It is refreshing and a good choice for appetizer.


結論 Conclusion ⭐

翟九麵館位於信義遠東百貨 A 13 的四樓, 並不是美食街.


✅ 眷村味香滷拼盤
我個人喜歡豆干與白蘿蔔, 滷味分鍋滷, 不會互相影響風味. 如果多人也可以點拼盤分享.

✅ 厚切滷牛舌

✅ 香滷牛肋條飯 or 紅燒牛肋條麵
我蠻喜歡吃他們的牛肋條 (美國 Choice 等級), 口感嫩也有肉香. 飯的份量頗多, 一定可以吃得飽, 至於麵的部分, 可以選擇粗麵或是細麵. 比較特別的是湯並沒有加醬油,也不走香料路線, 品嚐起來有牛油香, 不會辛辣或是重口味

✅ 芋泥西米露 or 壁咚蕾夢娜
芋泥西米露份量多, 愛吃中式甜品很適合點. 冰冬瓜檸檬茶有適量甜度.

備註: 翟九麵館並不是重口味的餐廳, 有辣椒籽油與山東酸辣醬作爲輔助, 水餃也有專屬的水餃醬汁.

Chai Jiu Restaurant is located at 4F of Far Eastern Department stores instead of Food court.

My Personal Favorite Dish List

✅ Braised Platter
I prefer dried bean curd and radish. The chef braised individually, so, each item won’t interfere with others’ flavor. You can also order the platter to share with your friends.

✅ Braised Beef Tongue
If you dont eat beef tongue often, you can order to share with friends.

✅ Braised Beef Rib Rice or Braised Beef Rib Noodle
I prefer their beef rib (USDA choice). The taste is tender and has meaty flavor. There are large quantity of rice. You can definitely fulfill your appetite. As for the noodle, you can choose thick noodle or thin noodle. The most special part would be that the chef didnt add soy sauce nor spices to the broth. Therefore, the tastebuds can sense the beef tallow. Overall, it is not spicy nor strong flavor.

✅ Taro Sago Sweet Soup or White Gourd Lemonade (Wintermelon Lemonade)
Taro Sago Sweet Soup has large quantity. If you prefer Chinese dessert, it is more suitable. Wintermelon Lemonade has fair amount of sweetness.

Remark: Chai Jiu Restaurant is not a restaurant with thick and heavy flavor. They have spicy sauce and Shandong spicy and sour sauce. The dumpling also has its dumpling sauce.



♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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翟九麵館 資訊

Chai Jiu Restaurant Information

店名: 翟九麵館
地址: 台北市信義區松仁路58號4樓 [信義遠百 A13 4F ] (Map)
捷運站: 象山站 (R02) 與台北101站 (R03)
電話: 02-8786-0698


Restaurant: Chai Jiu Restaurant
Address: 4F, No. 58 , Songren Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City [ Far Eastern Department Stores Xinyi A13 4F) (Map)
Nearby Metro Station: Elephant Mountain (R02)  and Taipei 101 Metro Station (R03)
Tel: 02-8786-0698


Menu ⭐