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(已結束營業)   Blue Rooster Bistro台北市圓山花博 MAJI MAJI集食行樂廣場內新開幕的餐廳, 除了基本的異國料理與酒外, 也有販售咖啡等無酒精飲料.
(Closed Down) Blue Rooster Bistro is located inside Yuanshan MAJI Square. Besides western cuisine and wines, they also sell coffees or other non-alcohol drinks.

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走出圓山捷運站, 穿過MAJI MAJI集食行樂廣場, 看到旋轉木馬後, 左轉直走就會看到Blue Rooster Bistro 餐廳, 週末白天可坐在歐式風格的戶外長桌座位, 陪著心愛的寵物, 一邊喝著咖啡, 一邊觀察著在公園裡往來的人群, 夕陽下山後,尤其是週末, 正是MAJI MAJI集食行樂廣場熱鬧的時候, 可坐在Blue Rooster Bistro室內沙發區點一份餐點搭配葡萄酒, 或是獨自坐在吧台, 享受著店家自製的調酒.
After seeing the “Mary Goes Around” inside the MAJI square, you can turn left and walk till the end. You can see Blue Rooster Bistro’s sign. During weekend, you can sit outside with your pet, drink coffee and observe people who walk around the park. After dark, you can sit inside the sofa area to enjoy cuisine and wine. Or you can choose to sit at the bar to drink their cocktails.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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English Name: Burger Savoyard Set
Set Includes Hamburger and Fries
Set Price: NTD $450



English Name: Burger Savoyard
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這家的漢堡是我喜歡的Size, 不會像發福廚房如此誇張地大, 較為特別的是套餐分為兩盤而非一個大盤子上, 店長告知Bistro就是跟朋友分享的地方, 因此分做兩盤, 可以讓一起聚餐的朋友分享薯條.
I preferred this Burger size, unlike other burger places in Taipei City. The interesting part would be this set is placed in two different plates. The manager explained that Bistro is meant for sharing. So, the plate can be passed around for sharing between friends.



漢堡取名為“南法”的原因跟工法沒有關係, 而是漢堡裡的一項食材- Raclette Cheese (拉可雷特起司). 許多人都知道用牛乳製作的半硬質拉可雷特起司來自瑞士, 其實 Raclette Cheese 在阿爾卑斯山另一邊的法國也有生產, 若單獨品嚐, 味蕾會感受到濃醇且迷人的堅果風味. 咬下第一口漢堡,起司風味絲毫抵不過多汁且粉嫩美國牛肉的肉香風味, 但缺一不可, 蕃茄與生菜則是帶來不同的口感, 可惜的是漢堡麵包較為乾.
Raclette Cheese, one of the burger ingredients, is a semi-hard cheese that originated from Switzerland. At the other side of Alps, France also produces large quantity of Raclette Cheese. The cheese has thick nutty flavor. The juicy and tender US beef patty is cooked perfectly. Its meaty flavor covers the strong cheese flavor unexpectedly. However, the bun is a bit dry. Generally speaking, the taste is delicious.




English Name: Fries
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店長有提到漢堡套餐的薯條份量跟單點薯條(NTD $150) 份量是一樣, 薯條的脆度極佳, 單吃也不會過鹹或過膩, 店家自製的濃稠美乃滋醬並不會過甜, 搭配薯條後, 風味有加分, 我會推薦若有朋友聚餐, 可以點一份來搭配酒.
The fries in this set is the same size as the fries size at the snack section. The fries are crispy and not too oily. Its custom-made thick dip mayo sauce is not too sweet. The fries tastes great pairing with the sauce.



Moulin de Gassac Classic

Price: NTD $200/GLASS
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店長與餐廳股東皆是侍酒師, 基本上到這裡不需要擔心餐與酒要如何搭配, 他們總是能給最好的建議. 這杯House Wine 則是建議搭配漢堡, 深紅色酒體裡的莓果風味多過於胡椒風味, 有著類似Syrah 的特點, 但酒體不會過於飽滿, 非常適合搭配肉類的料理.
The manager and the shareholders are Sommeliers. So, basically, you don’t need to worry about what kind of wine to pair with which dish. They always offer great advices. This house wine is similar with Syrah, which has ripped berries flavor and hints of pepper flavor. It is suitable to pair with meat related cuisine.

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警語: 警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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店家自製調酒 – 他奶奶的

English: Cocktail – Ta Nai Nai De
Price: NTD $300
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之前在El Marqués Tapas Bar時, 菜單上有主廚親自調配的調酒, Blue Rooster Bistro也有 店長親自調配的調酒- 他奶奶的, 杯緣有著杏仁與榛果粒, 象牙白色的酒體看似濃郁, 這杯以Vodka 為基底的調酒, 品酌時有著適度的蛋糕奶油風味, 是一杯名符其實的甜點型調酒, 非常推薦這一杯調酒.
Previously at El Marqués Tapas Bar menu, I ordered chef’s special cocktail. Blue Rooster Bistro also has custom-made cocktail. It has quite an interesting and funny name- Ta Nai Nai De. The almond and Hazelnut pieces are at the edge of the glass. The beige color cocktail body seemed to be thick and heavy, but it doesn’t carry much strong alcohol flavor. Even though the cocktail base is vodka, it tastes a bit like cake cream. I would recommend this cocktail to people who like sweet cocktail.


I would recommend this Bistro to people that love the European Bistro atmosphere.



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Restaurant Name 店名: Blue Rooster Bistro
Address: 圓山花博 Yuanshan MAJI Square  (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Yuanshan MRT station 圓山捷運站
電話: 02-2597-7112
營業時間: Monday & Tuesday Off
Wednesday ~ Thursday 5pm ~ 11:45pm
Friday 5pm ~ 1:45am
Saturday: 11am ~ 1:45am
Sunday 11am ~ 11:45pm