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(已結束營業)   Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar 是一家具有英倫風裝潢的餐廳, 是台北松江南京捷運站餐廳名單之一,這次我有這個榮幸可品嚐到餐廳的雙人套餐.
(Closed Down) Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar is a restaurant with England Kingsman decoration theme. It is also one of the restaurants at Songjiang Nanking MRT station. Now, I have the honor to taste their two-people set.


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直接從松江南京捷運站六號出口直走, 經過新光銀行即可看到綠色招牌, 轉進長廊往下走至位於地下一樓的Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar, 裝潢是最近最夯的英倫金牌特務風 (Kingsman), 餐廳佔地相當大, 除了用餐區與酒吧外. 老闆頗具巧思將每個獨立包廂打造成不同的英倫裝潢主題, 少至4人包廂, 多至 50 ~ 70 人.
You would need to walk from Songjiang Nanking Exit 6 and go straight at the bank direction. You would see the green sign, and then turn left into the ale. You will see the Kingsman style decoration when walking down to the basement. Besides the dining area and bar area, the owner decorates each private dining rooms into different theme. The restaurant has various private dining room with 4 people or even 50 ~ 70 people. More details are at the end of article.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount


我跟朋友兩人被安排到四人包廂, 低消為每人 NTD $800 , 我們吃的是雙人特製分享套餐 (NTD $850/人). 坐在這間包廂就像在酒莊裡用餐, 被葡萄酒環繞著, 音響傳出類似007電影風格的歌曲, 除了英文歌, 也穿插西班牙文, 整體用餐氛圍屬於高雅的歐美風.
My friend and I are seated at the four-people private dining room. The minimum charge is NTD $800. We now shares the two-people set (NTD $850/person). The dining environment is like eating in the winery, which is surrounding by wines. With 007 theme music (imagine Adele), the customer would feel like they are dining oversea.



雙人套餐 ( NTD $850/人)

Set Menu for Two (NTD $850/per person)



English Name: Fresh Green Salad with Garlic anchovy dressing and Butter Flavor Shrimp
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沙拉配置像凱撒沙拉,這一盤是兩人分享, 清脆蘿蔓生菜上灑滿帕馬森起司與少許麵包丁, 溫熱且微炸過的蝦口感相當脆, 風味帶有少許但不明顯的蒜味魚醬. 我蠻驚訝餐廳會給客人溫熱的蝦而不是涼拌, 這道是我那天最滿意的料理.
This salad is shared by 2 people. The salad is a bit like Caesar Salad. Crisp Romaine with fair amount of Parmesan Cheese and bread crumbs. The warm and a bit fried shrimps are crispy. The anchovy sauce only has hints of flavor, which is not heavy. I am surprised that the restaurant offers warm shrimp instead of cold. This dish is the most satisfying dish during the day.


今日例湯- 南瓜湯

English Name: Daily Soup – Pumpkin Soup
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Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar 的南瓜湯風味是以南瓜原始風味為主導, 與市面上以奶油風味為主有很大的不同, 濃郁溫熱湯頭香料較少, 整體美味程度高.
Bagel Bagel Cafe & Bar’s pumpkin soup is dominated by Pumpkin original flavor. It is different from the creamy soup among all other restaurants’ pumpkin soup. There isn’t much spice in the thick and warm soup, which is delicious.




English Name: Bix Handmade sausage and homemade bacon plate
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三款肉品放置在長型木盤上, 跟其他歐式餐廳 (例如: “La Piola Cucina Italiana 義大利餐廳”)ㄧ樣都用木盤, 除了德國酸菜外, 也有少許芥末籽醬. 培根油脂多, 但不會過硬, 這道料理最值得一提是肉腸 (圖右一與右二), 廚師採用知名品牌 – Chez Bix Hand Made, 這是法國人在台灣製作的肉腸, 右邊肉品建議搭配芥末籽醬, 多點辛辣味較佳.我最愛中間的肉腸, 因為風味較濃郁有適量鹹度, 不用搭配任何調味.
Three different types of meats are displayed at the long wooden plate, similar with other European restaurant (For example, La Piola Cucina Italiana Restaurant). Besides sauerkraut, there is small amount of mustard seeds sauce. The bacon has lots of fats but the taste is not hard. The most delicious would be two different types of sausages. The chef uses “Chez Bix Hand Made”, which is manufactured by a French in Taiwan. I would suggest the sausage on the right to pairs with the mustard seeds sauce, mainly to increase a bit of spicy flavor. The other type of sausage has thick flavor and saltness, which I like the most.




English Name: Cheese Lasagna with Fries
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比起義大利麵, 我反而覺得千層麵比較適合兩人分享,千層麵裡的肉醬並不會過鹹, 薯條跟 “Le Blanc 餐廳” 不一樣, 並不是細長型, 但卻意外地好吃.
Comparing with pasta, I personally think Lasagna is suitable for sharing. The meat sauce is not too salty. The fries is different from “Le Blanc Restaurant”. The size is not thin and long, but yet, it is delicious.



English Name: Sous-vide Chicken Leg with Grilled Salsa
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我向來都比較喜歡雞腿肉, 而不是雞胸肉, 這道的無骨雞腿肉油脂多, 但吃起來卻不油膩, 且調味並不多, 搭配的櫛瓜切片跟小白菜口感較軟. 單吃碳烤莎莎醬較為辛辣, 反而蕃茄酸度不明顯, 雞腿肉的皮也不會變得軟爛, 變涼後依舊保持脆度.
I always love chicken thigh instead of chicken breast. This boneless chicken has fair amount fats, but not too oily. It is original flavor without extra spices. The zucchini and vegetable are a bit soft. If only tasting the grilled salsa, the spicy flavor would appear. There is only hints of tomato acidity. The chicken thigh skin remains crispy even the dish is getting cold.



English Name: Grill US Club Steak
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兩份牛排共 8oz 放置在同一個盤子上, 朋友用專屬牛排刀切開, 油筋不多, 但紮實肉質口感具有嚼勁, 若沒有事先講, 都會做五分熟, 並沒有多餘調味, 可沾一旁亮黑色的夏威夷火山岩鹽提味, 綿密馬鈴薯泥奶油味十足, 相當不錯, 當時我跟我朋友是一口接著一口吃, 皎白筍與蕃茄是意想不到的配置.
Two steaks (total 8oz) are placed at the same plate. The meat texture is dense without much fats. The chef usually serve the steak in medium instead of medium-rare. The steak is full of meaty aroma. However, I would suggest to pair with the Hawaii Volcano Rock Salt. The creamy mashed potato has charming butter flavor, which is delicious. My friend and I love the mashed potato. The bamboo and tomato are the surprising element in this dish.



唐寧薄荷圓舞曲茶& 小紅莓氣泡飲特調

English Name: Twinings Mint Tea & Cranberry Cooler
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雙人套餐可選茶或是咖啡, 我選了知名品牌唐寧薄荷茶, 熱茶可回沖, 清新風味讓茶沖淡味蕾. 朋友點的是小紅莓氣泡飲特調, 氣泡並不會特別刺激, 酸甜風味讓我朋友相當喜愛.
The customer can select tea or coffee. I select Twinings Mint Tea, which can refresh the tastebuds. My friend order cranberry sparkling drink. The drink is not overwhelmed with refreshing acidity and sweetness. My friend mentions that she likes this drink.



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Restaurant Name 店名: Bagel Bagel Cafe Bar
Address: B1, No. 125, 2nd section, Nanking East Road, Taipei City 台北市南京東路二段125號B1 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bagelbagelcafebar/
Nearby MRT station: Songjiang Nanking MRT station 松江南京捷運站
營業時間: Check Facebook

Menu: https://www.facebook.com/bagelbagelcafebar/menu/