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(Closed Down) 位於台北東區Home Hotelal sorriso 義大利餐廳為榮獲紅蝦評鑑認證餐廳之一.
(Closed Down) Al Sorriso Italian Restaurant, which received 2017 and 2018 Gambero Rosso International, is located at Taipei Home Hotel Da’an District.


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延伸閱讀: 2018 紅蝦評鑑 – 台北 》Gambero Rosso International – Taipei


並非獨立餐廳店面, 而是在大安區忠孝復興捷運站的Home Hotel裡, 因此除了午餐與晚餐料理外,也有早餐與下午茶. 推進Home Hotel大門, 左看有許多藝術作品, 右看即是al sorriso 義大利餐廳. 挑高天花板展現出寬敞舒適的用餐環境, 絲毫不會有高貴的距離感, 蛋糕展示櫃與麵包在踏進餐廳時可看到, 種類與數量並沒有想像中地多.
Instead of independent store front, it is more like a hotel restaurant inside Home Hotel at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. Besides the usual lunch and dinner, the restaurant also offers breakfast and afternoon tea. Pushing the hotel’s front door, there are several artists’ finished artworks on the left side. The restaurant is located at the right side. The high ceiling offers great and elegant dining environment. The cake show case and breads are near the restaurant front. However, there are less items than expected.



我跟朋友則是相約喝下午茶, 在 2017 年底前, al sorriso 義式餐廳推出下午茶 $499 吃到飽, 造成訂位熱潮, 2018 年則是恢復單點精選下午茶套餐方式, 甜點可任選 (塔類補差價), 飲料部分除了美式咖啡, 茉莉綠茶, 錫蘭紅茶外, 都需補差價, 例如菜單上拿鐵為NTD$160, 只需補差價 NTD $60 ( NTD $160- $100= NTD $60)
My friend and I decide to have afternoon tea. Before the end of 2017, al sorriso offers all-you-can-eat afternoon tea with only NTD $499. However, the promotion ends at the beginning of 2018. They now only have Afternoon Tea Set with various price.



義式捲皮- 碳烤雞肉

English Name: Piadina with Chicken Set
Set Price: NTD $250
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義式捲皮 (Piadina) 是義大利北邊 (尤其是Romagna區域) 常見的街頭美食, 外觀跟中國烙餅與墨西哥捲餅 (Quesada) 類似, 用簡單的麵粉,水, 橄欖油和鹽製作而成, 溫熱餅皮帶有酥脆口感, 雞柳油脂適量而軟嫩, 再搭配微酸番茄與濃郁凱撒醬, 口感相當不錯, 唯獨菜單上提到的櫛瓜存在感不高.
Piadina is originated from Romagna area, which is at the northern Italy area. It is more like Italian street food. Piadina, simply made with wheat, water, olive oil and salt, is similar with the Chinese pastry and Mexican Quesada. Warm Piadina is crispy along with the tender chicken fillet meat. Pairing with the acidity from the tomato and thick Caesar sauce is tasty. However, I couldn’t sense the the zucchini stating at the menu.



義式捲皮- 帕瑪火腿

English Name: Piadina with Parma Ham Set
Set Price: NTD $350
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此為經典義式捲皮, 內餡為常見的帕瑪火腿, 芝麻葉, 和奶油乳酪. 火腿的迷人鹹香因為乳酪而更加顯著, 芝麻葉風味也同時降低苦味, 經典搭配果然不會出錯, 我會建議點這道,而非上一道碳烤雞肉.
This is a classic dish since the filling is the usual Parma Ham, Arugula and cream cheese. The salty meaty aroma is enhanced by the cream cheese. The bitterness from the arugula is not obvious. I truly believe that the classic is always right. I would recommend this dish instead of the chicken one.




English Name: Tiramisu
Price: N/A (Included in the set)
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若是單點是 NTD $90, al sorriso 的提拉米蘇並沒有咖啡酒味, 表層上的可可粉維持巧克力香氣且不受潮, 品嚐一口提拉米蘇, 蛋糕體本身有點乾, 但夾層有綿密馬斯卡彭起司顯得較不單調.
Their Tiramisu doesn’t have Kahlua liqueur flavor. The cocoa powder remains the chocolate aroma. The cake itself is a bit dry. But since there is mascarpone cheese filling in between, it becomes more tasty.




English Name: Mont Blanc
Price: N/A (Included in the set)
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蒙布朗即是法式栗子蛋糕, 我只吃了一小口內餡, 細緻奶油中有意想不到的藍莓酸甜, 稍微蓋住栗子風味, 整體相當不錯, 是會讓人想吃第二口的蛋糕甜點.
Mont Blanc is chestnut cake topped with whipped cream. After cutting down, there is unexpected cream custard with blueberry jam. The sweet and acidity covers a bit of chestnut flavor. Even though I only tried one bite, I would want to try more.



咖啡: 美式咖啡 & 拿鐵

English Name: Americano & Latte
Price: Americano ($0) ; Latte (Extra + NTD $ 60)
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al sorriso 採用的咖啡品牌為 KIMBO, 跟 illy 與 Lavazza 品牌並列國際知名咖啡品牌, 拿鐵不僅咖啡香濃郁, 咖啡因也非常高.
Al Sorriso Italian restaurant uses KIMBO brand, which is equal famous with illy and Lavazza. The latte is flavorful and also high caffeine.




Restaurant Name 店名: al sorriso 義大利餐廳
Address: No. 219-2 , 1st section, Fuxing South Road 1st Section, Taipei City 台北市大安區復興南路一段219-2號 (MAP)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station 忠孝復興捷運站
電話:02- 8773-5013
營業時間: Everyday 6:30am ~ 10am ; 12 ~ 9:30pm