2022 Holiday Marketing Calendar 》2022 行銷行事曆 ( 包括節日與 Hashtag )

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此篇文章是 2022 節日行銷行事曆紀錄表, 也是小編行銷工具之一 , 貼文也包括 Instagram Hashtag 建議.
This article is a 2022 Holiday Marketing List. It is also one of the marketing tools. Those posts also include instagram hashtag suggestion.

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前言 Preface – Must Read

我除了 娜姐 Foodelicious Instagram 美食帳號 ( https://www.instagram.com/globalfoodelicious/ ), 也有另一個行銷帳號 ( https://www.instagram.com/tina.brandmarketing/ ). 這篇文章的貼文皆可在我的 行銷Instagram 找到. 我不定期會在行銷帳號分享 B2B & B2C 品牌管理與行銷.
Besides Foodelicious Instagram account ( https://www.instagram.com/globalfoodelicious/ ), I have another marketing account ( https://www.instagram.com/tina.brandmarketing/ ). Those posts in this article can be found at my marketing Instagram. I post B2B & B2C Brand management and marketing information at the marketing instagram.

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2022 年小編行銷行事曆

2022 Marketing Calendar 

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2022 年 7 月節日行銷

2002 July Holiday Marketing



2022 年 6 月節日行銷

2002 June Holiday Marketing


2022 年 5月節日行銷

2002 May Holiday Marketing



2022 年 4月節日行銷

2002 April Holiday Marketing