2019 Coco Flash Club Taipei VIP Event 》台北香奈兒COCO放閃俱樂部VIP場次

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我很榮幸可以參加 2019 台北香奈兒COCO放閃俱樂部 VIP 場次, 唯獨在 VIP 場次才有香檳, 點心, DJ, 和周興哲現場表演, 2019 活動短秒影片在文末.
I am honored to attend 2019 Coco Flash Club Taipei VIP Event. You can only enjoy Champagne, Finger Food and DJ Performance at the VIP event. The 2019 Event short video is at the end of the article.


2019 台北香奈兒COCO放閃俱樂部
日期: 2019/3/23 ~ 3/31
地點: 台北市信義區光復南路133號(松山文創園區5號倉庫)
Ticket: FREE (請自行Google)

2019 Coco Flash Club Taipei Event
日期: 2019/3/23 ~ 3/31
地點: No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Taipei City (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park )
Ticket: FREE (請自行Google)


一反往常, Chanel 這次不租店面來辦一個月快閃店, 而是租更大的松菸5號倉庫, 活動只有一星期, 我個人認為 2019 年這次香奈兒COCO放閃俱樂部的快閃活動比以往成功. 以下短秒影片是關於 2017 年 COCO Chanel 台北快閃店面.
This time, Chanel didn’t rent a store front for Pop-up Store within one month. Chanel rent a No. 5 warehouse at Songshan Culture Park to have a event for one week. I personally think that 2019 event is better than the previous event. The video down below is 2017 Coco Cafe event.



VIP 們入場時, 看到的是一個小空間, 看到以不同紅色為主軸, 隨黑膠唱片歌曲隨後再進入到另一個空間, 裝潢以 80 年代 Disco 為靈感, 金色吧台, 仿明星梳化區, Disco 小包廂, 位於場地中間的搖滾區麥克風更是女生們愛拍照的地點, DJ 放著電子和 R&B 音樂, 壓軸則是知名歌手周興哲當DJ 表演讓大家一起HIGH, 高級時尚夜店風格大概是最適合不過的形容詞.
After entering the warehouse, I see a small space with various red color decoration. Along with the music, I enter another space. The decoration is stunning with 80’ Disco theme. There are golden color bar counter, celebrity backstage area, Disco room. Many people love to take pictures at the event center location mic area. Chanel invited the famous Taiwanese Celebrity Eric Chou as DJ to performance great music.


沒想到場地後方意想不到地有更多試妝區, 這次的主題是香奈兒COCO晶亮水唇膏, 當然也有很多款晶亮水唇膏讓大家試擦. VIP 場次當然少不了香檳和點心, 整個活動相當有趣且具有娛樂性!
There are more trial cosmetic areas at the event backstage. The theme is Coco Flash lipsticks, which you can purchase on site. At the VIP event, there are of course Champagne and finger food. I personally think that this event is very successful and fun!