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(已歇業) 禾多餐廳其實很久以前就在台北東區開幕, 直到最近才跟朋友相約喝下午茶, 入口處的右邊就是一片花牆, 左邊則是一些室外座位 ,呈現歐洲風, 踏進門口, 粉紅粉藍的少女色調呈現在眼前, 室內室外都是網友上傳Instagram的好素材.

(Closed) HERDOR Tea House has opened in a while but didn’t get the chance to have afternoon tea with my friend. When entering the gate, there is a flower wall on the left and several outdoor seats. Indoor design is mainly in pink and blue.  Both outdoor and indoor are instagram- friendly.

1. Mixed Mini-Cronut 迷你綜合可拿滋 $250   

Foodelicious 美味程度:   🍭🍭🍭

可拿滋其實是美國紐約人發明, 在亞洲發揚光大, 紐約的甜點師傅用可頌的麵體做成甜圈圈的形狀然後再油炸. 這道甜點有草莓冰淇淋, 香草冰淇淋, 馬卡龍, 奶油和栗子口味, 擺盤設計是一流, 本來以為可拿滋會因為配料融化或是放久了會鬆軟, 咬下多層次的可拿滋發現竟然是酥脆, 至於價格的部分, 少女們可能會覺得一個$50太貴, 我們那時應該是唯一一桌點這道甜點的人.

Cronut is a croissantdoughnut pastry invented in New York City.  The New York chef uses croissant-like dough to form doughnut shape and fried in oil. This set has five types of flavors – strawberry ice cream, vanilla ice cream,  macron, whipped cream and chestnuts.  At first, we thought that the toppings might soften the cronut. But surprisingly, the multi-layers of the cornut is still crispy.  Even though the plate display is great, but $50 per mini cornet is a bit expensive.

2.Tie Guanyin Milk Tea 鐵觀音鍋煮奶茶 $260


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  當服務生端上這道茶點, 可將棉花糖“轉至”奶茶上方, 讓它很療癒地慢慢融化, 糖分會緩緩地滴入奶茶, 第一口喝下雖然味蕾只感受到中度甜, 鐵觀音的強烈茶味會緩緩地出現, 此茶點也包括了馬卡龍, 餅乾和珍珠, 若是跟姐妹們喝下午茶聊天 這道餐點是很適合慢慢享受.

When they serve this dish, you can let the cotton candy hang on the top of the hot milk tea. The cotton candy starts melting slowly into the milk tea with fair amount of sweetness. Tie Guanyi Tea’s caffeine is quite strong even mixing with milk and cotton candy.  In the beginning, your tastebud only detect the mild sweetness. The strong tea flavor will follow through. This set also includes macron, cookies, and boba. This is a great afternoon tea set considering you can sit there for more than 3 hours and chat with friends.

3. Anchovy Chicken Pasta  香料鯷魚雞肉天使麵 $220


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我蠻驚訝我朋友會點這道義大利麵.  鯷魚其實在台灣並不是一個受歡迎的食材, 雖然鯷魚的體型較小, 但是由於具有較多酵素, 若處理不當, 會有讓人難以忍受的氣味, 因此通常用煙燻或是做罐頭的方式保存. 這道義大利麵並不是用鯷魚乾而是用鯷魚醬. 蒜味和辛辣香料蓋住鯷魚醬所謂的鹹魚味, 間接轉換成明顯的海鮮口味, 雞肉條烹煮地剛好不會柴, 我朋友跟我都認為這道義大利麵是道很成功的餐點因為要平衡鯷魚的口味很不簡單.

I was surprised that my friend ordered this dish because anchovy is not a popular ingredient in Taiwan. Even though anchovy is small size, it has large amount of enzyme. If the fish isn’t properly reserved, the unpleasant sticky aroma would appear. Therefore, people would use smoked technique and reserve anchovy in a can or sell as dried fish. Please note that the chef uses “anchovy paste” instead of dried fish. With garlic and hot spices, you can hardly smell any so-called sticky aroma. Instead, it becomes mild seafood flavor. The chicken is cooked properly and not dried. My friend and I both think that this is a successful dish considering it is difficult to balance the aroma.

4. Set B: Main course + $140  (主餐+ $140)

a.Raspberry Cheese with milk chocolate coating 蔓越莓起司+牛奶巧克力

Foodelicious 美味程度:   N/A

b. Raspberry Heart Shape Macron with Chocolate Filling  馬卡龍覆盆子+巧克力內餡

Foodelicious 美味程度:  N/A

c. Matcha Latte with cotton candy 漂浮棉花糖抹茶拿鐵

The original price is $240; With Set B, it is $120 since set B can choose one drink  單價為$240, 朋友點了補差價$120

Foodelicious 美味程度:   N/A (I didn’t try it)

My friend tried it and only took 2 sips and gave up due to the green tea powder overwhelmed the milk. Somehow, the cotton candy sweetness didn’t pair well with the green tea. 朋友只品嚐了兩口就放棄, 原因為抹茶粉已蓋住香醇的牛奶味, 棉花糖的甜味似乎跟抹茶粉不太搭配.




這家餐廳很適合喝下午茶跟姊妹們聊天, 但是要注意棉花糖可是很甜!

Generally speaking, this restaurant is great restaurant to chat with your friends. Be aware of the cotton candy is quite sweet. 

Restaurant Name 店名: HERDOR Tea House  禾多

🚇  MRT station 捷運站: Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station 忠孝敦化站

📍 Address: No. 22, Lane 233, Section 1st, Duanhua Road, Taipei City 台北市大安區敦化南路一段233巷22號

🏨 Nearby Hotel: SANWANT Hotel 神旺飯店

Tel: 02 2771 8664

營業時間: 11:30am ~ 10pm