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永康街咖啡店比比皆是, 有一家名為 8% Ice Bistro的複合式咖啡店在2017年悄悄地在永康街開幕, 它的姐妹店則是眾所皆知的 8% 冰淇淋專賣店. 較為不同的是除了冰淇淋外, 8% Ice Bistro也販售麵包與火鍋.
There are a lot of coffee shops in Yongkang section near Dongmen MRT station. And yet, there is another coffee shop named “8% Ice Bistro” opening up at the beginning of 2017. They also have another shop called “8% Ice Cream”, which is located also in Yongkang section. Besides ice cream, 8% Ice Bistro also sells breads and hot pots.



亮黃色搭配黑色招牌顯得低調, 室外舒適的座位區卻讓路過的人們慢下腳步, 進門的右邊是火鍋區, 左邊則是麵包區和室內座位區, 冷藏展示櫃裡放著不同口味且裝飾漂亮的蛋糕切片與玻璃罐裝的冰滴黑咖啡 (與十間茶屋相似的包裝方式),Menu上除了手沖咖啡外, 意外發現“卡布奇諾 + 濃縮咖啡”這個選項.
Bright yellow with Black color sign seemed to be low profile. However, its outdoor seats look quite comfortable and eye-catching. Walking into the shop, the right hand side is hot pot section and the left hand side are bread section and indoor seat area. There are quite a few of sliced cakes inside the display fridge. The most surprisingly item would be the Ice Drip Coffee that are packed in the glass bottle (similar with SHIJIAN Tea House). By looking at the menu, they have various coffee options – including “Cappuccino + Expresso”




English Name: Iced Drip Coffee
Price: N/A   (Event)
Foodelicious 美味程度: ☕☕☕

8% Ice Bistro 冰滴咖啡因為瓶子像Jack Daniel’s 酒壺, 吸引很多客人詢問, 店員也極力推薦下, 很多人會忍不住買來嘗鮮, 我則是在活動喝到這瓶咖啡. 輕鬆地扭開瓶蓋, 聞的時候單純只有酸咖啡香味, 消費者喝一小口後的反應是非常極端, 不是“很苦超不愛”, 就是“微苦但保存著咖啡經典酸風味”, 稍微懂咖啡的後者居多, 喝第二口時有類似橘子皮(陳皮)的風味出現, 整體咖啡結構完整, 具有咖啡最原始且紮實的風味.
Inside this Hip Flask Shape, it is Iced Drip Coffee from 8% Ice Bistro!! After opening up cap, you can sense the strong acidity appears. After taking the first sip, the bitterness covers the tastebuds for only a short moment. The acidity dominate this iced drip coffee but with perfect balance.



卡布奇諾 + 濃縮咖啡

English Name: Cappuccino + Espresso
Price: NTD $150
Foodelicious 美味程度: ☕☕☕☕

端上咖啡時, 店員親切地遞了一張小卡片, 上面註記著這杯的精選綜合咖啡豆是店家自行調配出來獨一無二的風味. 產地包括衣索比亞, 哥斯大黎加, 哥倫比亞 & 瓜地馬拉. 由於這四個國家的咖啡產區眾多, 卡片上並無寫到哪個品種或是產區, 所以哪種風味是從哪個國家的咖啡豆延伸出來就不得而知. Expresso的濃郁香味十分迷人, 尚未品嚐即嗅到烘烤杏仁風味, 迫不及待地喝下一小口時感受到微苦不酸的巧克力風味, 味蕾並無察覺到所謂的柑橘風味, 也許是被巧克力風味蓋過. 喝完Expresso後需要喝一杯桌上的檸檬水沖淡味蕾. 蓬鬆的奶泡加上拉花具有誘人的視覺效果, 原本以為奶泡會沖淡少許Expresso風味, 但其實整體上是加分.
The waiter friendly handed customer a small card showing that 8% Ice Bistro’s coffee bean origins are from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala. Since the card didn’t mention the specific, there isn’t any reference to tell which flavor comes from which country’s coffee bean.The thick expresso aroma mixed with baked almond is luxurious. While taking a sip of expresso, the tastebuds can feel hint of bitter chocolate without any acidity appears. However, there isn’t any tangerine flavor as the card mentions. As for the Cappuccino, the fluffy foam with professional latte art is no doubt quite beautiful. Unexpectedly, the Expresso flavor didn’t transfer into bland flavor, but becomes much more tasty.




延伸閱讀: 2017 台北新開幕餐廳與咖啡店/2017 Taipei New Restaurants and Cafes Guide


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Restaurant Name店名: 8% Ice Bistro
Address: No. 6, Lane 23, Yongkang Street , Taipei City (next to Yongkang Park) 台北市大安區永康街23巷6號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8percentice.bistro/
MRT station 捷運站: Dongmen MRT Station 東門捷運站
Tel: 02-2394-5566
Operation Hour: 11am ~ 10pm
Wifi: Yes
Wall Socket 插座: No







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