SHUANG YUE FOOD 》雙月食品社米其林等級雞湯讓排隊人潮不間斷

雙月食品社榮獲台北米其林必比登已是眾所皆知, 近期也開了雙月食品社中和分店, 雙月雞湯與油飯皆是招牌料理.
SHUANG YUE FOOD restaurant is on the 2018 BIB GOURMAND GUIDE TAIPEI list. Recently, it opened 2nd branch at New Taipei City. Chicken soup and sticky rice are the signature dishes.

雙月菜單在文末 Shuang Yue Food Menu is at the end of article


雙月食品社臨近善導寺捷運站 2 號出口, 似乎是無法訂位 (?), 中午開門就已開始排隊, 店員除了將菜單遞給正在排隊人群外, 出乎意料地奉上一杯熱茶, 在雙月食品社櫃檯點正餐與小菜後付錢領號碼立牌, 方便讓店員辨認且將料理端上桌,雙月食品社店員跟 “A.B House 義式私房料理” 店員一樣親切, 完全沒有米其林高傲姿態, 相當令人欣慰. 中式醬料也放在桌上讓客人自行加以調味. , 不同於傳統中式餐廳,雙月食品社跟信義區的 “肉伯火雞肉飯” 一樣有單人座位, 我則是被安排與其它三人併桌.
SHUANG YUE FOOD restaurant is near Shandao Temple Exit 2. I am not sure if you can reserve seats. People are lining up before the restaurant opened. The staff hands out menus and drinks for customers who are waiting to get in and dine. The customer would need to order food and pay at the cashier counter prior seating. The staff would give out number sign, so they can bring the foods to you. It is quite simply. Surprisingly, the staff is very friendly, just like at “A.B. House Italian Restaurant”. The restaurant also has one-person seat, similar with “Roubo Turkey Rice Restaurant”.

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Chicken Soup with Clams
Price: NTD $150
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這盅蛤蜊燉雞湯視覺上相當豐盛澎湃形成一座小丘, 目測高麗菜份量佔了2/3 的湯碗, 我必須要先品嚐一些清脆高麗菜後才能舀到少許清澈雞湯, 第一口雞湯充滿鮮甜蔬菜淡麗高湯風味, 並沒有膠質襯托, 第二口也還是沒有熟悉的雞湯香氣, 味蕾倒是察覺到蛤蜊海鮮風味, 比較可惜的是連喝幾口則是薑味, 間接覆蓋住先前的風味.
The visual image is quite impressive considering the large amount of cabbage at the bottom of the bowl. I would need to eat the crisp cabbage in order to sip small amount of the chicken broth. The first sip is full of sweet cabbage vegetable light flavor without collagen. The second sip still doesn’t have the chicken flavor, but instead it has seafood flavor from the clams. It is a pity that the following broth flavor is dominated by ginger.


我比較喜歡這道湯品裡的帶骨帶皮雞腿肉, 咬下會噴湯汁且不柴的雞肉. 如果只是想單純喝清淡型雞湯, 我會推薦雙月食品社, 但是如果想喝多一點湯且吃飽, 我會推薦台北永康街的 “永康錄雞湯餐廳”. 若是偏好多層次風味雞湯, 我會推薦 “雞湯大叔餐廳”的白蘭地燉雞湯鍋物.
I must admit that I like the chicken leg meat. It is unexpectedly tender and juicy. If you only want to have some light chicken broth, SHUANG YUE FOOD restaurant might be the place for you. But, if you want fulfill your appetite, I would recommend “Taipei Yongkang Role Chicken Soup”. Also, if you want complex flavors of chicken soup, I would recommend “Broth Master Restaurant”


延伸閱讀: 雞湯大叔餐廳 》白蘭地燉雞湯鍋物試吃心得 | Chicken Broth with Brandy Flavor

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Sticky Rice
Price: NTD $35
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

雙月食品社販售的這款油飯是每天限量, 一年四季都相當受歡迎. 料理油亮程度跟 ”王記府城肉粽“一樣. 飯粒上色也相當均勻, 獨特麻油香氣增加食慾, 豬肉, 香菇和蝦米雖然是油飯基本款, 但全部食材不會過鹹才是最美味, 加了桌上的甜辣醬更是加分.
This particular sticky rice happened to be limited quantity. It is popular all seasons. The oily and bright rice appearance is similar with “Wang Ji Rice Dumplings”. The unique sesame oil flavor pairs great with pork, mushroom, shrimp. It is not overly too salty, which is great! You can also add the sweet and spicy sauce into the dish.




餐廳: 雙月食品社
地址: 台北市中正區青島東路6-2號 (Map)
捷運站: 善導寺捷運站
電話: 02-3393-8953
營業時間: 看 Facebook
Restaurant: Shuang Yue Food
Address: No. 6-2, Qingdao East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Shandao Temple
Tel: 02-3393-8953
Operation Hour: Check Facebook






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