Self-Taught Gourmet Book Review 》LIZ 關鍵詞這本書比較適合廚師與 Super Foodie

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自學美食家 Liz Kao 近期有一本新書 – LIZ 關鍵詞, 讓許多“ 美食家的自學之路 ”的粉絲們掏腰包購買.
Most fans from “Self-Taught Gourmet” Facebook Fan Page already purchased Liz Kao’s new book – “Liz’s Keywords”. Liz Koa is a famous and respectful Gourmet at Taiwan.


– –
書籍名稱: LIZ 關鍵詞
作家: 高琹雯
Book Name: Liz’s Keywords
Author: Miss Liz Kao
ISBN: 978-986-5813-96-3
** This book is only in Chinese version **
– –


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There are a few selling points about this book:


The author is a famous Gourmet

台灣餐飲界與吃貨界都應該知道 高琹雯 (Miss Liz Kao), 她的Facebook 粉絲頁 “美食家的自學之路” 擁有上萬 Facebook 粉絲, 專長領域為西式料理飲食文化, 與普通部落客寫的餐廳 Review 文章不同. 但是可參考閱讀她所撰寫的米其林星級餐廳文章, 主廚們可藉由 Liz Kao 寫的文章傳達自己的想法給粉絲們或是消費者. 之前國外美食節目到台灣時, 英文流利的她也有參與節目企劃.
Every Foodie and professional at Taiwan Restaurant Industry should know about Miss Liz Kao. Her Facebook Fan Page Fans numbers have reached eighty thousand. Unlike other bloggers, Liz specializes in Western Cuisine Cultures. The readers can also read her article regarding Michelin Stars Restaurants as well. Chefs can express their concepts through Liz’s articles.

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警語: 飲酒過量, 有害健康  Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount


這本書適合 Super Foodie
This Book is suitable for Super Foodie

吃貨的英文名詞是 Foodie, 每個人都可以是吃貨, 只是領域不同. 我並不是 Super Foodie, Super Foodie 是我自己亂創造出來的名詞, Super Foodie 就是願意“特地”飛去國外品嚐米其林星級餐廳, 或是國外米其林餐廳主廚在台灣的客座一定會去品嚐. 但是並不是所有的 Super Foodie 對世界餐飲趨勢或是歷史了解, 這本書可幫助 Super Foodie 增加更多知識.
Everyone can be a foodie, just in different cuisine category. Super Foodie, in my opinion, is willing to pay a visit to foreign country just for a Michelin Restaurant meal. However, Super Foodie might not know much regarding the Restaurant Worldwide Trend. This book can increase Super Foodie’s knowledge at the Fine Dining category.

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娜姐專屬讀者優惠折扣 》Foodelicious Exclusive Discount


This Book is suitable for Chefs

這本書並不是只有提到 Fine Dining 和 餐飲趨勢. 文章裡也有江振誠, 葉怡蘭, 詹宏志的專訪, 每位廚師或即將成為廚師的人可以藉由這本書來理解各大餐飲界名人對於台灣味飲食的看法.
This book not only states the Fine Dining trend, it also has interviews with Mr. André Chiang, Miss Yilan Yeh, and Mr. Hung-Tze Jan. They express their points of views regarding Taiwanese Cuisines.

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