北方牛肉麵 》台北民生社區隱藏版平價美食 | Taipei Beef Noodle

北方牛肉麵台北民生社區牛肉麵店之一, 離南京三民捷運站只需走 15 分鐘, 餐廳有販售牛肉麵, 炸醬麵和水餃.
North Beef Noodle” is one of the beef noodle restaurants at Mingshen Community (Songshan District). It only takes 15 minutes walking distance from Nangin Sanmin MRT station. Besides beef noodle, it has soybean noodle and dumplings.


”北方牛肉麵“背後有一個故事, 老闆是一位年邁的婆婆, 因為先生已去世, 為了照顧輕微弱智且歲數不小的女兒, 一直經營著這家麵店, 也許看文章的你會覺得這是一段聽到膩的故事吧? 那讓我用文字敘述餐飲業有多辛苦, 更何況經營者是一位婆婆. 每當送貨員送麵跟食材來時, 雖然都很願意幫忙搬到想要的位置, 但終究要煮麵, 用餐時間可能ㄧ次連續煮很多碗, 手臂要使力拿麵和拿碗. 端菜的時候, 需要一步一步走得非常平衡, 以免湯溢出來. 用餐時間基本上要久站, 對於膝蓋和腰都是一種負擔, 至於清潔打掃這件事更是折騰人.
There is a story regarding this restaurant. The owner is about the grandma age, approx. 80+ years old. Since her husband passed away, she took care of her mentally-handicapped daughter alone for many years. In Taiwan, the food and beverage industry is extremely hard, let along a female at her 80+ age. Cooking, serving and cleaning all requires energy.


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走進北方牛肉麵餐廳內, 那天是下午五點, 電視正在播三立電視台本土台語連續劇, 婆婆這時正坐在搖椅上閉著眼睛休息, 正當我看著掛在牆上的菜單時, 隨後有一對年輕情侶和ㄧ位台灣大車隊的中年司機走進麵店, 看來饕客是不分年齡階層.
Grandma (the owner) is resting at the chair when I walk into the restaurant around 5pm. When I was checking the menu on the wall, there are a young couple and a middle-age taxi driver walking in as well.



紅燒牛肉麵 (中碗寬麵)

English Name: Beef Noodle (Medium Size Thick Noodle)
Price: NTD $140
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

”北方牛肉麵“有粗麵, 細麵與中細麵選擇, Size 也有分大中小碗, 差別在於 小碗是一指麵, 中碗是一指半麵, 大碗則是兩指麵, 湯也會隨著Size 而增加, 基本上這家店的中碗是外面餐廳的大碗, 女生點中碗一定會飽, 男生可以點大碗, 我是點中碗寬麵.
“North Beef Noodle” has three different types of noodle – thin, middle-thin, and thick. Also, the size has three options as well – large, medium, and small. I would suggest girls order medium size, the guys order large size.



婆婆緩緩地端著快要溢出的湯麵放在我面前, 推了一下眼鏡親切地說 “拍謝, 湯有點多, 小心沾到衣服“, 我看著這碗牛肉麵, 終於知道網友們提到的古早味牛肉麵是什麼. 舀起ㄧ匙油亮深褐色牛肉湯時, 濃郁牛油香味隨著動作而散發至空氣中, 現在多數人講究健康, 不喜歡過油的湯頭, 牛肉麵餐廳(例如:食徒) 通常會將牛油獨立出來, 放在調味醬區. 但是 “北方牛肉麵” 則是保有最原始牛油香氣在湯頭裡.
Grandma (the owner) slowly walked towards me with the beef noodle. When I took a look at my beef noodle, I instantly understands what traditional beef noodle that everyone is craving for. Thick butter (extract from beef fat) aroma fulfill my nose when I taste. Most people do not like oily soup base. Therefore, most restaurants (such as “Royal Chef“) separate the butter to make a brand new paste for customers to add more beef flavors. But, “North Beef Noodle” keeps its traditional recipe and keep the complete butter aroma at their beef soup.



此外, 婆婆並沒有使用濾網過濾牛肉湯頭, 極度混濁的深色湯頭是費工燉煮多日的湯頭, 牛腱軟嫩到的程度到我夾起肉會散開, 牛肉渣附著在“咕溜咕溜“的寬麵表層, 光吃麵就已經相當地滿足想吃牛肉的慾望. 整體來說, 我會推薦這家店給希望吃到古早味牛肉麵的饕客.
Since Grandma (the owner) didn’t use the filter, the soup color is dark brown and unclear due to the long time stewing. The beef tendon is extremely soft and tender. The noodle is a bit softer than expected. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant to people who want old-fashion traditional beef noodle.



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Restaurant Name 店名: North Beef Noodle 北方牛肉麵
Address: No. 52 , Yanshou Street, Taipei City 台北市松山區延壽街52號(MAP)
Facebook: N/A
Nearby MRT station: Nanjing Sanmin MRT station 南京三民捷運站
電話: 02-2528-3709
營業時間: Sunday Off 11:30 am ~ 8pm








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