Monthly Charity Plan 》每月捐款計畫 (持續更新中)

2019 年底時, 我告訴自己 2020年 開始要每月捐款給慈善或是有需要的機構, 寫文紀錄的初衷只是紀錄捐款機構資訊, 讓所有讀者們也可以月行一善捐款.
At the end of 2019, I told myself that I would donate monthly for needed organization. The purpose of writing the article is just to document organization. So, the readers can do good deeds by donating monthly as well.

一月捐款 January Charity

澳洲大火導致許多無尾熊與其它動物重度灼傷, 送至動物醫院加護病房 (ICU), 澳洲政府卻沒有多餘經費與人力將火勢範圍控制住. 受傷的動物們需要專業人士照顧與呵護, 醫療也需要龐大經費.
Wildfires are raging in Australia. Not only humans, but also wild animals are affected by this disaster. Many Koalas and animals are sent to ICU for intense care. But, the Australian government doesn’t have enough budget and manpower to control the fire. The animal organization and hospital also needsmoney to offer professional care for the burned animals.

How to Donate:
目前全球各地已經發起募款活動. 我本來想領養一隻無尾熊, 但是無尾熊動物醫院簡易網站因為無法負荷龐大流量而癱瘓, 我會建議直接到網站 ( ) 去刷卡捐款.
It has been many great fundraising around the world. I was planning to adopt an Koala. However, the Koala Hospital simply website have difficulties to process huge number of visitors. So, I decide to go to the website ( ) to donate money via credit card.


捐款金額 Donation: AUD $50 (NTD $1052)

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie
Adpot Koalas Website:

** Donate Money Website:








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