膔柴小鮮燒肉 》 古亭捷運站燒肉美食 | Taipei Guting BBQ Restaurant

(已歇業) 2018 年新開幕膔柴小鮮燒肉餐廳位於古亭捷運站附近, 屬於台北公館燒肉美食之一, 今天有這個榮幸可以品嚐到他們的 “會著迷經典牛套餐”.
(CLOSED DOWN) Newly-opened LUCHAI YAKINIKU BBQ Restaurant is located near Guting MRT station. This restaurant is categorized as one of the BBQ restaurant at Taipei Gongguan area. Now, I have the opportunity to try their Deluxe BBQ Set (2 people).


Menu 菜單在文末 Menu is at the end of article


走出古亭捷運站二號出口, 往 “深夜裡的法國手工甜點” 方向, 延著南昌路二段走即可看到招牌, 餐廳內部裝潢與員工制服ㄧ樣皆是俐落黑色, 雖然沒有獨立包廂, 但可要求六人獨立座位 , 類似半開式包廂, 詳細用餐環境請看文末影片.
Walking out of Guting MRT station Exit No. 2, it is easier to follow the 2nd section Nanchang Road in order to see the restaurant sign. The outdoor and indoor design are both in black color, just like the staffs’ cloth. Even though it doesn’t have private dining room, the customers can still ask for six independent seats alone, more like the half-opened private dining table. There are more details in the video at the end of the article.



葡萄酒杯倒掛在吧台上方, 烤肉爐經過精心設計, 不僅導熱快, 火力也均勻, 煙直接從一旁的空隙迅速抽走,因此沒有像 “51 bbq 韓國烤肉”一樣需要有吊卦式抽油煙管. 膔柴小鮮燒肉是單點, 而非吃到飽, 中午有提供商業午間套餐, 也有提供豪華套餐.
The wine glasses are hang upside down at the bar counter. The Grill Set is designed for grilling the foods evenly at its best quality. The restaurant doesn’t need the ventilator tube, such as “51 bbq Korean restaurant”, since the ventilator is build-in. LUCHAI YAKINIKU BBQ Restaurant is not all-you-can-eat. However, they offer price-friendly lunch set and also various deluxe sets.




English Name: Sauce & Flavoring

一家優質燒肉店除了肉質好外, 調味料與醬也相當重要. 除了研磨粉紅鹽外, 也有三種店家自製調味料 (從左至右) – 燒肉醬, 檸檬醬汁, 蘸水粉. 微橘褐色燒肉醬並沒有想像中地濃稠, 而是較為稀釋且帶有甜味, 適合搭配紅肉. 不會過於刺激的微甜檸檬醬汁適合搭配海鮮類. 蘸水粉在雲南料理裡最常見到, 店家將辣椒, 花椒 ,胡椒等辛香料混合, 不僅香氣十足, 麻多過於辣,適度刺激味蕾, 即使不吃辣也可稍微沾一些調味.
Besides high quality meat selections, a good BBQ restaurant must have unique flavoring and sauce. Besides the Himalayan Salt, LUCHAI YAKINIKU BBQ Restaurant also offers custom-made sauces (from left to right) – BBQ sauce, lemon sauce, and mixed spice powder. The BBQ sauce, which is great pairing with red meats, has hints of sweetness but yet not thick. The lemon sauce has one sliced lemon and small amount of sugars. The acidity from the lemon is perfect pairing with seafood type. The mixed spice powder is mostly seen at China Yunnan Cuisine. The restaurant mixed peppercorn, regular pepper and black pepper all together. Spreading small amount on the meat would bring out more spicy flavors and also numb feeling.



會著迷經典牛套餐 (2 人份)

English Name: Deluxe BBQ Set (2 people)
Price: NTD $1980



English Name: Salad with Sesame Dressing
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這是一盤沙拉兩人分食,胡麻醬雖然風味顯著, 但仍不會蓋住新鮮蔬菜風味, 口感並不會過脆, 反而是柔嫩, 小番茄則是不會過酸.
They provide one plate of salad for two people to share. The sesame dressing is flavorful with sesame aroma. However, it didn’t cover the fresh vegetables flavor. The baby leaf is soft and the sliced tomato has only small amount of acidity.




English Name: Korean Style Beef Broth (Seolleongtang)
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

喜歡吃韓國料理的人一定知道神仙雪濃湯這道料理, 長時間熬煮的牛骨,牛尾,牛肚精華皆在乳白色湯頭裡. 膔柴小鮮燒肉將蠟燭放置在炙熱黑鍋下方保持熱度, 這道雪濃湯整體並沒有太多膠質, 但鹽味十足, 白蘿蔔切片也相對吸收不少湯之精華, 燉煮過的牛肉嫩度高, 整鍋份量足夠可讓兩人各喝 2 ~ 3 碗.
Korean Style Beef Broth (Seolleongtang) is originated from Korea. The restaurant would stew the beef bones, ox tail, and beef tripe for a long time. The restaurant display the small candles under the pot to keep its temperature. The snowy white color broth doesn’t have lots of collagen, but yet with fair amount of saltness. The sliced daikon absorbs fair amount of essence as well. The beefs are very tender. The whole pot can definitely satisfy 2 people.




English Name: Mixed Meat Plate
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

與 “鳥丈爐端燒”一樣皆有標註品項, 雪花牛並無特別醃製, 我個人較喜歡烤七分熟再沾店家自製微甜烤肉醬, 相當對味. 骰子牛肉已事先用燒肉醬醃製過, 直接搭配白飯也會有鹹香風味. 最值得一提的是安格斯牛小排, 油花佈滿整個鮮紅肉片, 視覺上比其他肉品油亮, 後來得知是店家用鵝油刷過, 難怪吃起來更加軟嫩, 不必多加任何調味料, 肉香風味豐富, 若要單點, 我會建議點這款安格斯牛小排.
Each meat item has its own label. I like their marbled beef to be grilled medium instead of well-done. Since the marbled beefs are not marinated, I would suggest the dip into their custom-made BBQ sauce. The diced beefs are marinated prior and have both sweet and salty flavor. It is perfect to eat the diced beefs with rice. The most recommended meat would be Angus Ribs. The goose oil are brushed at the meat appearance in order to enhance the bright red image. Also, the meat tastes extremely tender and more meaty flavor.



淺色松阪豬如同玫瑰花瓣般擺設在一旁, 只稍微撒了少許海鹽與胡椒,雖然沒有多餘油脂輔佐, 比較有嚼勁, 建議烤全熟再加洋蔥, 跟韓國烤肉餐廳一樣用生菜包肉方式, 慢慢品嚐.
The pork neck meats, which are sauté with small amount of sea salt and peppers, are displayed like rose petals. Since there isn’t much fats, it is more chewy. I would recommend to wrap this type of meat with lettuce and onions, just like in any Korean restaurant.



時蔬拼盤 & 雞手羽

English Name: Mixed Vegetable Plate & Chicken Wings
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

時蔬拼盤除了常見的杏鮑菇, 香菇, 甜椒與玉米筍外, 也有季節性的櫛瓜 , 美國馬鈴薯與山藥切片, 建議將時蔬放在外圍緩緩地烤, 直到有烙印極佳, 我最愛他們的櫛瓜與馬鈴薯. 雞手羽其實就是雞翅,兩人份套餐裡有四隻雞翅, 但是並不是像 “Gumgum Beer & Wings 雞翅啤酒吧” 一整個雞翅, 而是只有中段雞翅, 自認吃起來會比較優雅.
The mixed seasonal vegetables include king oyster mushroom, mushroom, pepper and baby corns. There are also zucchini, sliced potatoes and yams. It would be better to grill the vegetables slowly until it has the grill mark. Unlike “Gumgum Beer & Wings Bar and Restaurant”, this restaurant’s chicken wings are only a small section of the wings. It is definitely easier to eat.


海鮮拼盤 (天使紅蝦, 扇貝)

English Name: Mixed Shrimp and Scallop Plate
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

跟其他燒烤店最大的不同就是店家有事先處理過天使紅蝦, 將殼剝掉且切開較易烤熟, 刻意留下蝦頭讓客戶品嚐蝦膏, 建議紅蝦烤好後加少許檸檬醬汁, 讓之前的肉香風味頓時消失, 讓味蕾感受到鮮甜風味. 看著扇貝精華原汁在烤架上滋滋作響, 需要不停地將扇貝翻面烤熟, 海鮮風味十足相當不錯.
Unlike other BBQ Restaurants, the red shrimps are stripped and pre-cut. The shrimp heads along with the shrimp paste are also meant to be grilled. After dipping the lemon sauce, the acidity brings out more refreshing seafood flavor. As for the scallops, it is better to grill at its well-done level before eating. The scallop is chewy and has fair amount of seafood flavor.




English Name: Fruit Vinegar
Foodelicious 美味程度: N/A

店家也是自行調配果醋, 百香果醋中的碎冰稍微將甜度降低, 不至於喝起來太過於化學物質, 酸度也不至於過度刺激舌尖.
The fruit vinegar is also custom-made with their own recipe. The ice at the passion fruit vinegar lower the sweet level. It doesn’t taste too chemical and its acidity doesn’t stimulate the tastebuds.



甜點 & 茶

English Name: Desserts & Tea
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

原本以為甜點是很一般的紅豆抹茶冰淇淋白玉, 口感卻完全不一樣, 白玉非常Q彈, 紅豆不會過於軟爛, 冰淇淋則是採用明治品牌, 整體相當不錯.膔柴古早味紅茶則是帶有適量甜度, 比較適合一邊吃燒肉一邊喝. 日本煎茶不會太燙或是苦, 很適合一邊聊天一邊喝.
Their dessert is red bean green tea ice cream with rice ball. The taste is unique since the restaurant cooked the red bean and made the rice ball themselves. The rice ball is soft but yet chewy. The green tea ice cream’s brand is Meji. The dessert is perfect. The ice black tea has small amount of sweetness, which is perfect to eat the grilled meat with. The Japanese Tea is not too hot nor bitter. It is perfect to drink and chat after fulfilling the stomach.


*此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

延伸閱讀: 2018 台北新開幕餐廳與咖啡店 》2018 New Restaurants & Cafes Guide




Restaurant Name 店名: 膔柴小鮮燒肉 LUCHAI YAKINIKU BBQ Restaurant
Address: No. 216, 2th Section, Nanchang Road, Taipei City 台北市中正區南昌路二段216號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LUCHAIYAKINIKU/
Nearby MRT station: Guting station 古亭捷運站
營業時間: Check Facebook









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