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(已歇業) 神田日式燒肉丼是新開幕台北東區日式丼飯美食之一, 位置在市政府捷運站與國父紀念館捷運站中間, 這次有這個榮幸品嚐到他們的丼飯.
(Closed) Newly-opened Kandayaki Japanese Restaurant’s location is in between City Hall MRT station and SYS Memorial Hall MRT station . Now, I have the opportunity to try their dishes.


菜單在文末 Menu is at the end of article

深度黑的室外內裝潢, 搭配深色系的桌椅, 視覺感非常像高級居酒屋, 雖然店內沒有包廂, 但有娃娃椅,適合家庭聚會, 地下一樓則是洗手間, 並沒有任何坐位.
Dark black outdoor and indoor design pairs with dark brown table and chairs. Even though it doesn’t have private dining room, it is still suitable for Family Gathering. B1 only has restroom without any seat.


入座後, 服務生遞來一張點選單, 需要顧客自己劃想要的餐點, 隨後服務生會收單且提供生菜, 可拿來包之後點的燒肉. 類似 橫濱物語,在餐廳角落會有免費味噌湯與飲料 (熱玄米煎茶與冰紅茶) , 餐具與餐巾紙也是自己拿, 調味料則是有玫瑰鹽與七味粉, 全部都是自助, 因此沒有收10% 服務費.
After seating, the waiter/waitress provided menu and a order list for customers to choose. The waiter/waitress will offer lettuces, which can wrap the meats later on. Similar with Japanese Yokohama Monogatari Restaurant, there are also free miso soup, drinks (hot brown rice green tea and ice black tea). You would need to get the utensils and napkin by yourself. Therefore, there isn’t any service charge (10%).




English Name: Broil Beef Fillet Cubes Donburi
Price: NTD $368
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

木盤上放著丼飯與紫米粥甜點. 丼飯視覺上是放好放滿且配色完美, 告訴自己“先從主角開始吧“, 夾起骰子形狀的美國菲力牛肉, 如預期中具有嚼勁的口感, 隱約中有品嚐出店家淋在丼飯上的微甜照燒特調醬汁 (用昆布, 雞骨, 豬大骨和日本味醂等原料, 熬煮兩天一夜), 每一口飯都有醬汁與金黃色蛋黃汁輔佐, 蔬菜部分意想不到居然有秋葵, 甚至有新鮮金桔來增加不同風味. 若本身喜歡具有嚼勁的口感, 我會建議點這款, 若本身喜歡較為軟嫩的口感, 會建議直接點他們的牛五花肉片的系列, 例如日出燒牛肉丼.
Rice bowl and purpose rice dessert are placed on the wooden plate. The USA beef cubes tasted quite chewy but yet tender. It has their custom-made BBQ sauce, which are stewed with seaweed, chicken bones, pig bones. Also, every bite of rice is covered with the egg yolk and BBQ sauce. The side dish also includes Okra. Generally speaking, I would suggest this dish since sometimes I crave for USA beef.




English Name: Grilled Matsusaka Pork Chop Dobnuri
Price: NTD $288
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

我點這份完全是因為 “匈牙利進口豬肉”, 每一片豬肉的薄度ㄧ致, 看似乾澀, 但其實縫隙中帶有少許油脂, 口感較一般豬肉片嫩, 日式溏心蛋的蛋黃膏濕潤, 並不會過乾, 我會建議擠幾滴金桔汁增加更多風味, 再搭配濃稠但不會過甜的紫米粥, 劃下句點.
The pork is imported from Hungary, which is not often in Taiwan. Every slice of the pork is consistent based on quality and size. Even though the visual is a bit dry, there are still small amount of fats. Therefore, the meat is tender. The half-boiled egg yolk is moisture instead of dry. I would suggest to squeeze a few drops of kumquat to add more flavors. As for the dessert, the purple rice dessert’s thick texture is dense and not sweet.



English Name: Japanese Fried Chicken
Price: NTD $98
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

我非常推薦這款小菜, 市面上爆米花形狀的唐揚雞肉炸物品質不一, 有些炸過頭, 有些炸沒熟, 但神田日式燒肉丼的唐揚雞肉較薄, 但皮不會因為放置時間長而變軟, 每一口都非常酥脆, 相當出色. 最後點了Kirin 啤酒來搭配炸雞與丼飯.
I strongly recommend this dish since the appearance is very crispy in every bite. However, unlike Japanese Fried Chicken on the market, the meat is thin. The texture is better than expected. I ordered Kirini Beer to pair with fried chicken and Dobnuri.



警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康 <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!


延伸閱讀: 2017 台北新開幕餐廳與咖啡店 》2017 Taipei New Restaurants & Cafes Guide





*此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受


Restaurant Name 店名: 神田日式燒肉丼 Kandayaki
Address: No. 18, 50th Lane, Yixian Road, Taipei City 台北市信義區逸仙路50巷18號 (MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandayaki/
Nearby MRT station: City Hall MRT station 市政府捷運
電話: 02 2758 0878
營業時間: 以粉絲頁標注時間為主 Please check Facebook Fan Page









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