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(2018.08 二訪) 天母玻璃屋 IL MERCATO TAIPEI (義瑪卡多餐廳)台北 101 4樓廣場裡新開一家咖啡餐酒輕食 CAFE.
IL MERCATO CAFE TAIPEI opened a new branch at Taipei 101 4th floor near Dior store.


菜單與酒單連結在文末 (請注意因為剛開幕, 菜單隨時會變動)
備註: 二訪菜單已定在文末, 但是酒單時常會有變化. 二訪酒單我照得較不完整
Menu and Beverage Menu are at the end of article (Please be aware that the menu might be revised at any time)
Remark: The menu is settled at my 2nd visit. But the wine list may vary. I didn’t take the complete pictures for the wine list at my 2nd visit.


IL MERCATO CAFE TAIPEI (義瑪卡多餐廳) 這次並非像新光三越 “Caffé Florian Coffee 福里安花神咖啡館” 一樣有餐廳店面, 而是類似有座位的百貨獨立櫃位 (文末有影片). 店面與天母店設計主軸顏色相同, 在銀白色招牌的Dior 精品概念店襯托下, 視覺上更加高雅. 不僅有蛋糕甜點,咖啡,輕食與乳酪拼盤, 也販售單杯酒, 二訪時開始販售整瓶酒.   IL Mercato 只賣來自義大利的酒, 不拘限於葡萄酒和氣泡酒, 也有我上次在萬豪酒店 “IL Mercato Cafe Loison Panettone 新品發表會“喝到的義大利白蘭地 (Grappa).
Unlike “Caffé Florian Coffee”, it doesn’t have a restaurant front. It is more like a cafe with opened seating area (the video has the surrounding area). The design is also similar with Tianmu branch with elegant theme. IL MERCATO CAFE TAIPEI offers desserts, coffee, light food and cheese. It also sells single glass wine. At my second visit, they start selling wines in bottle unit.


延伸閱讀: Loison Panettone 》義大利聖誕麵包 | IL MERCATO 餐飲通路銷售新計畫


Giacomo Fenocchio Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

ABV: 14.5%
Price: NTD $215
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

一訪時, 這支酒是 2015 年, 一杯價格是 NTD $255, 但是我並沒有點, 這次二訪則是點了這款單杯酒. 來自 Giacomo Fenocchio 酒莊的 Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 是100% Nebbiolo , 公認的年輕巴洛洛 (Barolo), 淺紅寶石般色澤, 入口時有草莓和櫻桃混搭討喜風味, 看似輕盈的酒體, 單寧極高, 但卻不會抵觸到整體酒款平衡表現, 我喜歡喝 Barolo, 但是因為單價較為昂貴不常喝, Langhe Nebbiolo 通常是我第二個選擇. 我會推薦這款給初飲者.
When I was here on my first visit, I didn’t order this wine, which is stated the year of 2015. I decided to order one glass for the second visit, but stated the year of 2016. This 100% Nebbiolo wine is from Giacomo Fenocchio winery. Shiny red ruby color wine color is quite attractive. The flavor is full of mixed strawberries and cherries. Even though the wine body looks light, but the tennis is higher than expected. But, this wine is still balanced with great performance. I like drinking Barolo, but honestly, it is a bit expensive. So, Langhe Nebbiolo is usually my second choice. I would recommend this to the first-time drinker.


La Tosa Vignamorello Gutturnio Superiore 2015

ABV: 14.5%
Price: NTD $245
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

這是我二訪點的第二杯紅酒. 混釀葡萄包括 60% Barbera 和 40% Bonarda, 深紫紅色酒體帶有著濃烈辛香料和黑胡椒香氣, 第一口時能感受到李子等黑色水果風味, 單寧薄弱, 以如此顯著的特色, 老實說, 我不會推給剛開始學喝葡萄酒的人, 但是我會推薦給有豐富喝酒經驗的人.
The blend includes 60% Barbera and 40% Bonarda. Dark purple-red color wine carries strong spices and black pepper aroma. The first taste can sense the plum and other black fruits flavor. The tannin is not strong but overall with strong character. I wouldn’t recommend this wine for the first-time drinker. But, I would recommend for the drink with more wine drinking experience.


火腿 Montasio 高山起司土司

English Name: Ham and Montasio Cheese Toast
Price: NTD $135
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

因為我並沒有去過天母店隔壁的 IL MERCATO CAFE, 品項與價格無從比較. 入座前就已看到 Menu 放在桌上, 由於剛開幕也接近用餐時間, 若不忙, 服務生會上前詢問協助點餐, 若較忙, 可直接找櫃檯尋求協助. 那天我選擇的是出錯率低的火腿起司吐司. 切半土司的Size 跟在麵包店看到的土司相同, 表層有著烙印痕跡. 用牛乳製作的高山起司 (Montasio Cheese ) 產區為北義, 最初是修道士開始製作, 將製作方式傳給 蒙他西歐山 ( Montasio Mountain) 附近的居民, 於是直接命名為 Montasio Cheese, 店家直接翻譯為 “高山起司”.
I didn’t visit the IL MERCATO CAFE at Tianmu last time. Therefore, it is difficult to compare without knowing the prices and items. The menu is already placed on the table. Usually, the waiter/waitress would come to the table and introduce their foods and wines. They would take your oder at your table instead of you coming to the counter. I select “Ham and Montasio Cheese Toast”. The Montasio Cheese is originated from northern Italy. This kind of Cheese was produced by the monks. Later on, the monks taught the residents near Montasio Mountain how to produce this particular cheese. Therefore, this type of cheese is named after the mountain name.



在溫熱酥脆土司夾層中的火腿有適量煙燻風味, 起司奶香風味絲毫不會搶走火腿的風采. 少數客人認為價格過高, 但台北101挑高用餐氛圍相當不錯, 建議可帶客戶來這裡一邊享受輕食下午茶一邊開會.
The hams , which is between the warm and crispy toast, have fair amount of smoky aroma. The milky flavor from the cheese is also quite attractive. Most customers might think the price is higher than expected. But the dining environment at Taipei 101 is very pleasant and not noisy. It is suitable to bring customers or guests to enjoy the afternoon tea/coffee/wine.



Monte Fiorentine Soave Classico 2015

Winery: Ca’Rugate
ABV: 12.5%
Price: NTD $250/glass
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

當天觀察, 白天時段 80%是旅客, 一致都點咖啡, 可理解當時店內無侍酒師, 若要餐搭酒, 服務生可協助詢問天母店, 我點了一杯來自義大利的Monte Fiorentine Soave Classico 2015 搭配餐點. 與天母店一樣使用 Corvain 品牌葡萄酒取酒器, 由於桌面較小, 服務生會在櫃台倒好酒再端上. 此款酒為 100% Garganega 釀造的蘇瓦維 (Soave), 淡金色酒體輕盈, 帶有清新酸度, 也有少許礦石風味與鹹味.
80% of the customers are tourists during the day. There isn’t any sommelier during the time since most customers order coffees. If you would like the wine to pair with the foods, the waitress/waiter would assist by calling the Tianmu branch store. I ordered Monte Fiorentine Soave Classico 2015 as suggested. Since the dining table is a bit small, they opened the bottle at the counter instead of the table. This light-golden color wine is made with 100% Garganega. The wine body is light and crisp with fair amount of acidity. The flavors are mixed with mineral and salty flavor.






Restaurant Name 店名: TAIPEI 101 IL MERCATO
Address: 台北市信義區信義路五段7號4樓 Taipei 101 4F (MAP)
Facebook: Not Yet has its own independent Facebook Fan Page
Nearby MRT station: Taipei 101 MRT station 世貿 101 捷運站
營業時間: 11AM ~ 9:30PM







Old Menu


Beverage Menu








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