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(已歇業) 新開幕 Hamasoba浜そば台湾店台北小巨蛋捷運站餐廳之一, 是台北少數在販售日本油拌麵的餐廳.
(Closed) Newly-opened Hamasoba Restaurant is one of the Japanese Ramen restaurant near Taipei Arena MRT stations. It offers soup-off ramen, which is not common at Taipei City.


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與 “東京油組総本店”一樣皆是日本海外分店, 但並沒有大肆宣傳, 餐廳位於辦公室和平價便當店林立的南京東路巷弄內, 戶外木色系地板格外亮眼, 直桶狀座椅同時也是置物籃, 特別的是這家餐廳並沒有單人座位. 餐廳內有日本本店海報與照片, 整體以日本樸實的裝潢為主, 半開放式廚房可看到前來支援的日本師傅, 桌上放置相當多配料-白醋, 辣油, 黑胡椒, 店家自製辣椒醬和蒜蓉醬, 店內採桌邊先點先付款.
This restaurant is the oversea branch, just like “ABURA SOBA TOKYO”. It is located at the alley at the Nangking East Road, which has lots of offices and price-friendly bento restaurants. The outside floor is wooden color, which is quite eye-catching. There aren’t one-person counter seats. There are quite a few posters and pictures from the Hamasoba Japanese headquarter. The customer can see the Japanese chef in the kitchen. There are many flavorings on the table – white vinegar, hot oil, black pepper, custom-made hot paste sauce, and garlic sauce. The customer would need to order and pay prior eating.


Hamasoba 招牌拌拉麵 + 溫泉蛋

English Name: Soy Sauce Soup-Off Ramen + Onsen Egg
Price: NTD $140 + NTD $30
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

論麵量, 視覺上比 “ABURASOBA SHIN 油そば専門店”少, 我會建議不管男女都要加麵, 只需要額外多付 NTD $30, 適量青蔥和海苔絲整齊地放置在油亮細麵上, 一邊拌麵時, 麵同時吸取更多底層醬油, 油脂帶給醬油更多香醇風味, 麵硬度高, 吃起來相當Q彈.
There aren’t as much as ramen noodle as “ABURASOBA SHIN”. Therefore, I would suggest everyone to add extra noodle for another NTD $30. There are small amount of green onion and dried seaweed placing at the noodle. You can immediately smell the soy sauce aroma while mixing the noodle. The noodle texture is hard, which I prefer.


這道料理搭配的肉是照燒雞肉, 而非叉燒肉, 份量較少, 照燒醬的甜讓這款料理更加分, 不起眼的淺褐色筍乾意外地酥脆. 至於桌上的調味料, 我會建議只加店家自製辣椒醬, 舌尖會隱約感受到刺激的感覺, 也多了一層辛香. 溫泉蛋我會建議在吃到剩1/3時再加進去麵裡. 整體來說, 這家餐廳提供了平價又相當美味的油拌麵.
Surprisingly, the chef chooses teriyaki chicken, instead of pork, to pair with this noodle. Even though there are only small amount of chicken meat, the sweet from the teriyaki adds more flavors into this dish. The light brown dried bamboo is crispy. As for the flavoring, I would only suggest to add their custom-made spicy sauce. It would stimulate the tastebuds with the spice. As for the onsen egg, I would suggest to add in when there is only 1/3 left of the noodle. Generally speaking, this is a delicious dish with budget-wise price.



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Restaurant Name 店名: Hamasoba 浜そば 台灣店
Address: No.13, 5th Alley, 133th Lane, 4th section, Nangking East Road, Taipei City 台北松山區南京東路四段133巷5弄13號(MAP)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hamasoba浜そば台湾店-1923218164357969/
Nearby MRT station: Taipei Arena MRT Station 小巨蛋捷運站
營業時間: Call to Confirm

Menu Link: https://www.facebook.com/Hamasoba浜そば台湾店-1923218164357969/menu/





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