First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館 》小資女們公認的中山站平價餐酒館

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First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館中山站餐酒館之一, First One Bistro 菜單也被許多小資男女們列在台北平價餐酒館名單裡.
First One Bistro is one of the famous Zhongshan Bistros. Its menu price is also considered one of the Taipei price-friendly Bistros.

First One Bistro 菜單 在文末 》First One Bistro Menu is at the end of article

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關於 First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館資訊

About First One Bistro Information

台北大同區的 First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館位於離中山站一號出口大約3分鐘路程, 餐廳內部裝潢以時尚黑為主軸, 靠背沙發座椅坐起來非常舒適且具有隱密感, 這裡桌與桌的距離並沒有 “Wild Donkey” 如此靠近, 在疫情期間, First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館更是架起頗具設計感的隔離板讓顧客安心, 我個人認為這裡很適合朋友聚餐與男女朋友週間小約會. 我們共有四位, 各自點自己喜愛的 First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館 商業午餐組合, 我寫的 Review 是關於我自己吃的, 其他照片為我朋友們點的餐點, 我都只有吃一口, 不足以 Review.
First One Bistro restaurant, which is at Da’Tong district, is about 3 minutes walking distance from Exit 1 Zhongshan MRT station. Black is the main color theme of this bistro. The sofa area is quite comfortable. Unlike “Wild Donkey Restaurant”, there are quite a large space in between tables along with boards. I personally think that this is a place for friends gathering and weekday dating. My friends and I decide to have business lunch at First One Bistro. We ordered different types of main courses. I will only write a review regarding what I ate only.

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警語: 禁止酒駕, 飲酒過量, 有害健康  No Drink and Drive. Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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First One Bistro 商業午餐

任選主餐, 加價 NTD $150 升級套餐
Select Any Main Course, Add NTD $150 to upgrade to set


湯品或沙拉 Soup or Salad

Price: Comes with the set
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

前菜可選小份新鮮沙拉或是當天湯品二選一, 我選的是南瓜湯, 湯品有著滑順濃稠口感, 整體不錯喝. 也可將佐餐麵包沾一些南瓜湯入口.
You can select soup or salad. I select pumpkin soup. The smooth texture and fair amount of flavor are quite nice. You can also dip the bread into the soup to eat.


義式小點 Italian Appetizer


Italian Appetizer- Mussel with Garlic
Price: Comes with the set
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

光是義式小點五選一, 我就覺得 First One Bistro 加價 NTD $150 升級套餐 比台北東區“Solo Pasta” 划算且值得. 我選的是香蒜酥烤淡菜, 淡菜不僅可當湯品食材 ( 例如 “La Farfalla Taipei “海鮮湯), 也可以像生蠔一樣獨當一面作為小點 (例如 “Orchid Restaurant 蘭” 淡菜小點 ). 如小丘般的蒜酥具有視覺感, 吃的時候具有脆口感, 蒜香遠遠蓋過海鮮風味成為主角, 即使飽滿淡菜我應該也無法察覺. 如果我有二訪, 應該會點西西里炸飯糰.
The customer can select 1 out of 5 Italian appetizers. I honestly think that First One Bistro has much better selection than “Solo Pasta Restaurant”. I select Mussel with Garlic. Mussel can be one of the ingredients of the soup (For example: “La Farfalla Taipei” seafood soup) . It can also be the main character of the appetizer (For example: “Orchid” mussel). There are fair amount of crispy garlic flakes at the top of the mussel.The garlic flavor covers all of the seafood flavor. I couldn’t taste if the mussel is juicy or not. If I have a second visit, I would order Sicily Fried ball.

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延伸閱讀: Orchid Restaurant 蘭 餐廳 》台北約會餐廳之適合喜歡法式料理的情侶們

延伸閱讀: La Farfalla Taipei 》台北寒舍義大利餐廳不再是 Buffet


義式小點 – 朋友們點的其他小點

Appetizer – What other friends ordered


主菜 Main Course


Main Course: Tagliatelle Nests with Shrimp, Porcini Mushrooms and Garlic Flakes
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館菜單上有一區是主廚特製 Chef’s Special, 最受歡迎的餐點是黃金烏魚子鮮蝦義大利麵 (NTD $320). 我選的是另一款薩雷諾牛肝菌鮮蝦寬扁麵 (NTD $280). 以 NTD $280 的價格, 大 Size 的蝦數量就比預期地多,al Dente 麵條再佐香料與獨特菌菇風味揉合, 雖然麵條有上色, 但尚未吸收足夠醬料, 但是整體比我多年前吃的 “蘿絲瑪莉義麵坊“ 與 ”Casa Della Pasta義麵坊“ 好吃許多. 以價格來看, First One Bistro 的這一道主菜是可以點的.
There is a section on the menu that mentioned “Chef’s Special”. The most famous dish in this section would be Pasta with Mullet roe and shrimp (NTD $320). But, I ordered the other dish – Tagliatelle with Shrimp, mushrooms and garlic flakes (NTD $280). For the price NTD $280, the size and quantity of the shrimp are larger and more than expected. The past is al dente that pairs with spices and unique mushroom flavor. Even though the pasta is with colors from the sauce, but it doesn’t seemed to absorb enough sauces. But overall, it is much more tasty than “Rosemarry Pasta” and “Casa Della Pasta”. Based on its price, You can consider this main course.



Main Course: What other friends ordered


手工甜點 Dessert


Dessert – Cannoli
Price: Extra NTD $20
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

如果 “logy” 招牌餐點代表是茶碗蒸, 那 First One Bistro 招牌餐點代表就是這一道 義式傳統瑞可塔起司捲. 其實許多人都沒吃過義式傳統瑞可塔起司捲, 也不知道近期在中山站附近有一家 “Pai Pai Cannoli” 開幕. 我很少看到附餐甜點有瑞可塔起司捲選擇, 酥脆餅皮搭配濃郁且綿稠的Ricotta 乳酪, 巧克力的點綴更具有完整性, 我個人蠻推這一道佐餐甜點.
If “logy” signature famous dish is the steamed egg, First One Bistro signature famous dish would be Cannoli dessert. Many people actually didn’t know about Cannoli. They usually don’t know that there is a “Pai Pai Cannoli” near Zhongshan MRT station. I rarely see the cannoli as the set dessert. The crispy appearance pairs great with the creamy ricotta cheese. The chocolate completes this great dessert dish. I would definitely recommend Cannoli.

延伸閱讀: Logy Taipei 》2020 台北米其林二星 logy 餐廳美食



Dessert – What other friends ordered


飲料 Drink


Drink – Black Tea
Price: Comes with the set
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

Drinking black tea and chatting with friends are great combination.

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餐廳: First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館
地址: 台北市大同區南京西路18巷6弄5號 (Map)
捷運站: 中山捷運站
電話: 02-2556-3328
Restaurant: First One Bistro
Address: No. 5, 6th Alley, 18th Lane, Nanking West Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT Station: Zhongshan MRT station
Tel: 02-2556-3328

First One Bistro 佛斯特旺餐酒館 菜單 》 First One Bistro Menu

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