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(已結束營業) 新開幕Felicita 義式餐酒館是一家位於松山區的義大利餐廳, 近期推出的雙人與四人套餐很適合姐妹們聚餐, 商業午餐的平價程度也很適合公司聚餐.
(Closed) Newly-opened Felicita Bistro is located at Taipei Songshan District. This particular Italian restaurant promotes its 2-people set and 4-people set for friends. Its price-friendly business lunch set is suitable for company co-workers as well.

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Felicita 義式餐酒館在知名 “ GABEE 咖啡店“附近, 很難得在巷弄內看見如此大坪數且有小庭院(無座位)的餐廳, 有著跟 “瑪黑家居選物 Marais Taipei”相似的銀色招牌, 餐廳內裝潢與台北東區 “L’AGE 熟成餐廳”色調相當接近. 偶然發現牆上有少許鮮豔乾燥花裝飾, 再加上 Ed Sheeran 的歌曲, 用餐氛圍顯然升級許多.
Felicita Bistro is near the famous “GABEE Coffee shop”. It is rare to see the large restaurant with small yard (no seats) at the alley. Its restaurant sign is a bit similar with “Marais Taipei”, which is bright silver. Its indoor decoration and design is closed to “L’AGE restaurant”. There are also small amount of bright color dried flowers on the wall too. Along with the Ed Sheeran’s song, the dining environment is delightful and not noisy.

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包括前菜, 湯, 主菜, 飲料, 甜點
Price: NTD $280 + $100
Rigatoni Alla Carbonara Business Lunch Set
Includes Appetizer, Soup, Main Course, Drink and Dessert


前菜: 辣味炒香腸

Appetizer: Spicy Sausage
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這道前菜在紅黃甜椒與鮮綠色芝麻葉襯托下, 顏色搭配鮮豔, 品嚐煙燻香腸時, 除了辣味外也加一些其他香料, 顆粒口感與鹹香滋味會讓人大開食慾.
The appetizer is designed with yellow and red belle pepper along with green arugula and sausage. When you think the flavor is only spicy, there are more salty and other spice flavors in between. It is actually delicious.


湯: 奶油蘑菇湯

Soup: Mushroom Soup
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

由於套餐只需加 NTD $100, 濃湯部份當然無法像 “Popina 餐酒館“ 一樣令人經驗, 濃郁奶油風味加上適量罐頭蘑菇, 但以價格與品質來說, 已經相當不錯.
Since the set is charged with NTD $100, the soup is not as satisfied as the soup at “POPINA Bistro”. Thick creamy texture with canned mushroom tastes just right.




Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

麵包鬆軟, 初榨橄欖油清香, “Botega del Vin” 用小平盤, 任何麵包皆可輕易沾. 但 Felicita 義式餐酒館採用廣口較小的烤布蕾容器, 比較不容易每一口鬆軟麵包都沾初榨橄欖油, 與店家反應時, 店家表示希望客人用撕麵包後再沾, 雖然店家有提供濕紙巾, 我還是有點不太習慣.
The bread is soft and the olive oil is full of aroma. However, unlike “Botega del Vin”, Felicita Bistro uses the creme brûlée container instead of small plate. It is a bit difficult for me to dip every bite of bread into the extra virgin olive oil. The staff mentioned that the customers is better to tear the bread into the small pieces and dip into the sauce. However, I am not used to this type of suggestion even they offer wet napkin.




Rigatoni Alla Carbonara
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查看 Felicita 義式餐酒館 Facebook時, 跟”MUNCHIES CAFE”一樣似乎是主推 長型薄片Pizza, 但我選擇是基本款的煙燻培根管型麵. 整道料理適量並不多, 蛋黃起司醬濃郁至極像濃湯,由於醬汁多, 每吃一口義大利管型麵皆可感受到我喜歡的Q彈口感與奶油香氣, 煙燻培根的鹹香恰到好處.
After checking Felicita Bistro Facebook, it seemed like their famous for its long square shape thin crust pizza, just like “MUNCHIES CAFE” . However, I still select the basic – Rigatoni Alla Carbonara. The quantity of this dish is not much. The fair amount of carbonara sauce is thick and creamy like soup. Each bite on the pasta can feel the chewy texture and cream flavor, which I love. The salty bacon always pair with the creamy sauce.




Iced Black Tea
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Felicita 義式餐酒館的冰紅茶意外地好喝, 泡得不會過澀, 自家糖水並不會過甜, 相當推薦他們的冰紅茶.
Felicita Bistro’s black tea tastes surprisingly good. It is unlikely bitter and not overly sweet. I strongly recommend their black tea.




Cranberry Sorbet
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亮紅色蔓越梅Sorbet 放進透明杯中, 聽店員說甜點也是店家自製, 第一口酸甜口感明顯, 搭配的餅乾並不會過硬, 整體算是不錯.
Sorbet is not common in Taiwan. The cranberry sorbet is sweet along with fruity acidity. The cookie is not hard as rock, instead, it is quite crispy. It is actually a great dessert.



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警語: 飲酒過量, 有害健康  Excessive drinking is hazardous to health

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店名: Felicita 義式餐酒館
地址: 台北市松山區復興北路313巷32號 (Map)
捷運: 中山國中捷運站
營業時間: 以臉書為主
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FELICITA201803/
Restaurant Name: Felicita Bistro
Address: No. 32, 313th Lane, Fuxing North Road, Taipei  (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station
Tel: 02-2545-2932
Operation Hour: Check Facebook


Menu Link: https://www.facebook.com/FELICITA201803/menu/








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