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鴨皇閣新加坡餐廳 ( D’ Palace ) 是台北大安區新開幕餐廳,  販售以新加坡料理為主,   當歸烤鴨是鴨皇閣招牌料理之一.
D’ Palace, which is a Singapore Cuisine Restaurant, recently opens at Taipei Dan’an District. Roast Duck with Angelica Herb is one of their signature dishes.

鴨皇閣菜單在文末 Menu is at the end of article


鴨皇閣靠近延吉街, 位於忠孝敦化捷運站和國父紀念館捷運站之間, 餐廳在Rolex 店面的二樓, 可搭電梯或是走樓梯, 餐廳深褐色走廊裝潢相當豪華, 在走廊的另一個盡頭是可坐 20 人以上的包廂. 餐廳櫃檯與吧台裝潢類似 “發琴吧 Ginspiration“ , 晚上十點過後, 餐廳則成為 Lounge Bar. 餐廳佔地比想像中地大, 有舒適沙發區, 相當適合家庭或朋友聚會.
D’Palace is near Yangi Street at Taipei East District, It is between Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station and SYS Memorial Hall MRT station. The customer can take the elevator and walk the stairs to the 2nd Floor. The restaurant hallway is glorious. At the other end of the hall is private dining room with 20+ seats. The restaurant counter and bar look exactly like “Ginspiration Bar”. After 10pm, D’Palace becomes a Lounge Bar. There are more seats than expected with sofa areas. This is a great place to meet with friends or family reunion.

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警語: 飲酒過量, 有害健康  Excessive drinking is hazardous to health  



當歸烤鴨 (小)

Roasted Duck with Angelica Herb (Small)
Price: NTD $495
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

提到當歸系列料理, 多數台灣人會想到當歸鴨麵線或是冬天燥熱進補湯品. 新加坡的當歸烤鴨料理則是完全不同. 鴨皇閣的當歸烤鴨需要預約, 因為費工費時, 數量有限. 當歸烤鴨也有分大中小Size. 烤鴨部位則是有分上莊與下莊, 我選擇下莊, 因為油脂較多, 但用餐完後, 老闆才建議點上莊, 因為瘦肉多較容易吸汁.
Angelica Herb is common in Taiwan, but mostly used for so-called warm cuisine for winter. However, D’Palace Roast Duck with Angelica Herb is another story. For the reminder, this dish will be need to call to reserve. There are small, medium, large size. Also, there are upper and lower part of duck. The owner suggest the upper part since it is more slim and can absorb more sauce. But, I chose the lower part since there are more fats.


鴨皇閣的當歸烤鴨看似“三和”的廣東烤鴨, 只是顏色偏淺褐色, 且鴨皮皺摺較多, 但意想不到地脆, 藥材從馬來西亞空運到台灣, 盤底醬汁帶有微香當歸風味,, 並不是重口味, 我建議鴨肉浸在當歸醬汁裡, 味蕾感受到當歸香,肉香, 和油脂融合在一起, 台灣櫻桃鴨肉質的軟嫩程度也令人滿意, 大部分的鴨肉是無骨. 建議兩人點小Size即可, 若是四人點中Size即可, 搭配泰國米飯 ($30) 也相當適合.
This dish looks like Cantonese roast duck at “Sam Woo Restaurant”, with only the color is light brown. The duck skin is unexpected crispy. The Angelica herb and other medicines are imported from Singapore. The sauce at the bottom has only fair amount instead of strong of angelica herb flavor. I would suggest to dip the meat into the sauce for a few moments. The tastebuds would sense the herb, meat aroma, and fatness together. The texture of the Taiwan Cherry Duck is tender and satisfying and great pairing with the rice (NTD $30). Most meats are boneless. Two people order the small size would be enough.



D’Glamorous Cereal Soft Shell Crab
Price: NTD $560
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍👍

每個人都有喜愛的食材, 若價格不誇張, 我通常都會點像在 “La Mole Taipei” 軟殼蟹系列料理. 麥片給我的印象是早餐, 而不是將麥片拿來拌炒. 因為主廚堅持原味, 且台灣麥片不夠脆, 鴨皇閣特地從新加坡空運麥片來台灣.酥脆軟殼蟹被麥片碎末覆蓋住, 海鮮鹹味加上拌炒麥香的甜味在口中散開, 綠色咖哩葉藏在麥片裡, 為此道料理帶來少許意想不到的辛香風味, 我相當推薦這道料理, 我連吃剩的麥片都外帶回家.
Everyone has his/her favorite ingredients. I always order Soft Shell Crab dish if the price is ideal, just like in “La Mole Taipei”. Most Taiwanese consider Cereal as breakfast. But, the soft shell crab is covered over the crushed and stir-fried cereal. The salty from the seafood and sweetness from the cereal combined perfectly together. The green curry leafs bring the spicy flavor to the tastebuds. I definitely recommend this dish. I even take the left over cereal home.



D’Palace Home Made Tofu
Price: NTD $290
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

鹹香肉末醬淋在酥皮豆腐上, 放置在盤底濃郁且勾芡的醬汁, 導致豆腐品嚐起來較不酥脆, 但嫩度與雞蛋豆腐相同, 鹹肉香與辛香吃起來極似蒼蠅頭料理, 相當容易下飯.
The ground meats with green onion are at the top of the tofu appearance. And the tofu is placed on the plate with thick salty sauce. Therefore, the tofu appearance is not crispy. But tofu itself is soft and delightful. However, the sauce is a bit overwhelmed salty and spicy. But, it is still great pairing with rice.


Valcendon Tempranillo Blanco 2015

ABV: 12.5%
Price: NTD $230
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

此款白酒來自西班牙北部 Rioja 產區, 金黃色酒體有愉悅清新果香, 入口立刻感受到柑橘與礦物風味, 中度酸度是一般初飲者可接受的程度, 此外, 若是店家能將酒杯升級會更好.
This white wine is from Northern Spain Rioja Section. The golden color white wine has delightful fruity aroma. When tasting the wine, the tangerine and mineral flavor. The medium level of acidity can be suitable for first-time drink. However, if the restaurant can upgrade the glass, it would be great.



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地址: 台北市大安區忠孝東路四段235號2樓 (MAP)
捷運: 忠孝敦化捷運站
電話:(02) 8772-6468
營業時間: 以臉書為主
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dpalacetw/
Restaurant Name: D’Palace
Address: 2F, No. 235, 4th Section, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City (Map)
Nearby MRT station: Zhongxiao Duncan MRT station
Tel: (02) 8772-6468
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