國父紀念館餐酒館 》火星小廚 Cuisine de Mars 搬新家新菜單

(2019.2 已歇業) 火星小廚 ( Cuisine de Mars ) 從南京三民捷運站附近搬新家, 成為國父紀念館附近美食餐廳之一, 這次我有這個榮幸品嚐到火星小廚的無國界創意料理.
(2019.2 已歇業) Cuisine de Mars Restaurant moved from Nanking Sanmin MRT stations to become one of restaurants near SYS Memorial Hall. I have the opportunity to try out their creative dishes.

火星小廚菜單在文末 Cuisine de Mars Menu is at the end of article


火星小廚位置在台北東區國父紀念館二號出口附近, 往 “Lady M 甜點店” 方向走, 餐廳與 “ABV Bar & Kitchen 地中海本店“ 在同一條巷弄內. 餐廳外觀綠意盎然與 “Maison 家餐廳” 有幾分相似, 兩側窗邊有網紅沙發區. 如 “JUJU Spanish Gastrobar”, 火星小廚的開放式廚房有主廚搖滾區板前吧台, 可直接與主廚 Kevin 聊天交流.
Cuisine de Mars is closed to SYS Memorial Hall Station Exit 2. You would need to pass “Lady M dessert” to go to the same lane as “ABV Bar & Kitchen Mediterranean Branch”. The green restaurant appearance is similar with “Maison Restaurant”. Sofa seats near the window are IG-friendly. Same as “JUJU Spanish Gastrobar”, it has kitchen counter seats. So, the customer can chat with Chef Kevin directly.

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原本的火星小廚位於南京三民捷運站附近, 深受附近上班族與住戶歡迎, 偏向無菜單歐陸料理, 自 2018 年五月搬到國父紀念館延吉街附近後, 主廚設定固定料理菜單和酒單, 偶而有季節性料理或是新創料理, 逐漸往餐酒館理念前進. 我會由我那天吃到最喜歡的料理開始寫.
The previous Cuisine de Mars, which is located near Nankin Sanmin MRT station, doesn’t have standard menu. It offered Daily Menu and might change unexpectedly. But, since Cuisine de Mars moved to Taipei East District, it now has regular menu, wine/cocktail menu, and seasonal/creative dishes. Generally speaking, it is becoming a Bistro. I will start writing with my favorite dish of the day.


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警語: 飲酒過量, 有害健康  Excessive drinking is hazardous to health  




Grilled Sea Bass With Olives
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

我原本以為這道料理會是魚塊形狀, 如同 “JE Kitchen” 料理 – 魚 & 金針菇 & 發酵優格, 實際上是以超薄切魚片呈現, 創意程度與刀工之細緻令人驚艷, 輕鬆地切一小塊溫熱魚片入口, 大蒜, 紅胡椒,橄欖和鯷魚編織出令人欲罷不能的多層次鹹香風味, 也同時展現出台灣人對鹹香海鮮料理的執著,  我非常推薦這一道料理, 建議兩人以上分享.
I thought the shape of the fish would be like the fish that I ate at “JE Kitchen”. But, the Sea Bass is thin-sliced. The creative mind and knife skill are both impressive. While eating the sliced fish, the tastebuds would feel layers of flavor that were combined with garlic, pepper, olive and anchovy. I would recommend this dish for two people to share.



Mushroom Soup with Soft-Boiled Egg
Price: NTD $180
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

炙熱湯品一端上桌我立即品嚐一口, 比 “ C Bistro” 蘑菇卡布奇諾湯品口感濃稠, 主廚 Kevin 解釋這款蘑菇濃湯運用少量雞高湯, 伴隨辛香料入口, 味蕾察覺蘑菇風味依舊強勁, 將半熟蛋戳破, 蛋黃緩緩地注入湯裡, 如漣漪般逐漸散開, 建議均勻攪拌可間接增加湯的厚實感, 也同時賦予另類但美味的感受, 我個人推薦這一道湯品一人獨享.
I took a sip right after the hot soup is served. The texture is thicker than “C Bistro”’s mushroom cappuccino. Chef Kevin mentioned that he uses fair amount of chicken broth at this mushroom soup. The tastebuds would sense a bit of flavoring but the mushroom flavor still dominates. It is a surprise that the egg yolk would increase the soup broth’s density and also enhance each different flavors. I would definitely recommend this soup.



Grilled Veal Rib
Price: NTD $780
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

多數台灣人對小牛排的印象幾乎都是過硬或是不好吃, 火星小廚主廚 Kevin 解釋小牛排若是用對烹調方法, 將會比一般牛排更嫩更美味, 例如火星小廚的這道爐烤小牛排, 經過重複的先煎後烤再靜置的費時過程. 這道五分熟爐烤小牛排視覺上如同在 “花酒藏海鮮吧” 吃到的小羊排, 油亮誘惑讓人忍不住直接拿起小牛排咬入口,  肉香先藉著油脂開路抵達舌尖,  因此吃起來 “紅點熟成肉餐廳 Osteria Rossa Taipei”紐約客牛排更軟嫩, 微辛香在味蕾上輕微彈跳. 一旁的配菜會因時間不同而更換, 黃綠櫛瓜切片酥脆, 艷紅色甜菜根增加色彩學美感. 我會建議四人分享這道餐點.
Most Taiwanese’s impression of veal is hard to eat or not delicious at all. Cuisine de Mars Chef Kevin mentioned that if one uses the correct cooking method, the veal rib would become much delicious and tender. This grilled veal rib went through complicate process, which is grill, bake, rest and repeat. The appearance of medium-rare steak is similar with “A Plus Seafood Grill Bar”;s lamb chop. The customer can just take the ribs and eat without a knife. The meat texture is much more tender than the aged steak from “Osteria Rossa Taipei”. The grilled zucchini are delicious. And the red beetroots becomes a great decoration to pair with the green and yellow zucchini. I would recommend four people to share this dish.


El Circo Contorsionista Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: 餐桌有酒金卡 10% Off
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍👍

這杯來自西班牙的紅酒如果用 “餐桌有酒單杯酒會員卡“ 即可享受九折優惠. 將紅酒入喉前一秒時可嗅到強烈果香, 入口後更確定是櫻桃與黑李的綜合風味, 柔和單寧相當適合葡萄酒初飲者.
I used “WINE on Table Gold Membership Card” to get 10% Off on this Red Wine from Spain. It is full of fruity aroma before taking a sip. The tastebuds would confirm that it is the mixed flavor of cherry and plum. The soft tannin is suitable for first-time wine drinker.

餐桌有酒單杯酒會員卡連結: https://www.wineontable.com.tw/glass.html

警語: 飲酒過量,有害 (礙) 健康 <- 菸酒管理法規定要寫的!



Rosemary Chicken Roulade with Ice Cream
Price: NTD $280
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

此道創意料理為冷盤開胃菜, 主廚 Kevin 解釋這道料理運用紹興醉雞冷盤的概念, 並不受傳統框架束縛,  外觀如同叉燒肉的雞肉卷並不是熱騰騰呈現, 將一球香草冰淇淋置放在雞肉捲上隨意融化, 暖橘色醬料與烤起司片加以點綴. 我會建議一端上桌立即享用尚未被冰淇淋淹沒的雞肉捲, 單吃咕溜口感搭配微弱雞肉與香料風味入口, 隨後味蕾會被蒜味霸佔, 若是沾冰淇淋, 甜味隨後主導風味, 展露出這是一道西式外表但有中式DNA的料理. 我朋友相當喜愛這道料理.
This creative dish is a cold appetizer dish. The chef explained that he uses the Chinese Drunken Chicken concept for this special dish. The vanilla ice cream, baked cheese slice, sauce are placed together. I would suggest to taste one chicken roulade before the vanilla ice cream melting. The chicken roulade would only has hints of chicken flavor and flavorings. After a while, the garlic flavor from the sauce dominates the tastebuds. If eating with ice cream, the sweet would become the main flavor. This is a dish that has western appearance but Chinese cooking method concept. My friend likes this dish.



Sliced Steak Salad
Price: NTD $320
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

此道沙拉外觀與 “廚子市場餐酒館 ( Le Marché de Cuistot ) ” 水牛花園沙拉一樣具有美不勝收的視覺效果, 冷嫩牛肉條如同玫瑰花環繞在圓盤中央, 軟嫩牛肉本身有少許嫩筋有些咬勁, 單吃肉味較不強勢, 我會建議沾有大蒜風味的暖橘色醬料加以調味. 若是薄切牛肉沙拉與迷迭香雞肉捲佐冰淇淋選一款, 我會選這款薄切牛肉沙拉.
This salad dish is as pretty as the salad at “Le Marché de Cuistot”. The cold but tender beef slice surrounded in the middle just like rose petals. If eating the beef alone, there aren’t much meaty flavor. I would suggest to dip into the orange color sauce, which has mostly garlic flavor. I would choose this Sliced Steak Salad over Rosemary Chicken Roulade with Ice Cream dish.



Fried Pig Head Skin
Price: NTD $220
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

乍看之下此道料理非常像日本可樂餅, 火星小廚主廚 Kevin 突發奇想將自家製作的豬頭凍當作內餡, 內餡經過酥炸後依舊Q彈, 外層麵衣如同 “金子半之助”天婦羅一樣酥脆, 整體吃起來有吃炸豬排的錯覺.
The appearance looks like Japanese Croquette. Cuisine de Mars Chef Kevin uses Pig Head Skin, which is quite common at Taiwan Braised Items, as filling. The coating is as crispy as “Tendo-JP restaurant” fried tempura. Overall, it tastes like Japanese Fried Pork Chop, which is quite interesting.



Price: NTD $170
Foodelicious 美味程度: 👍👍👍

火星小廚的提拉米蘇與 “Vicolo Trattoria 微巷義大利小餐館” 偏方型, 但是主導風味為甜巧克力風味, 而非咖啡或是酒味, 較適合大眾口味.
The shape of the Tiramisu from Cuisine de Mars Tiramisu is similar with “Vicolo Trattoria”, which is square. The main flavor would be sweet Chocolate flavor, instead of coffee or alcohol. I assume that most people would prefer the sweet Chocolate flavor.


♛ 此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受

♛ This is a promotion article, but state the true and sincere review.

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