【 XONE App. 行動應用程式 】

XONE App. Introduction

“XONE App “是 鴻海透過旗下富智康投資矽谷團隊肯力行網而研發出的行動新媒體平台, 可以打手機也能打市話, 而且 XONE 並不只有撥電話一個功能, 另一個主要功能是“內容訂閱”, 類似訂閱網路文章的概念. “娜姐 Foodelicious” 很榮幸被篩選成為 XONE App. 其中一個頻道, 用戶可直接點入導到網站閱讀, 增加更多文章曝光機會.

XONE App is developed by one of the companies that owned by “Foxconn Technology Group”. Similar with Skype, the user can call your families or friends’ phones via this App. Also, the user can subscribe the author channel and read articles. “娜姐 Foodelicious” is honored to be selected as one of the channels. Users can click the articles to read and increase media exposure.




參考數據 Status

1. Android App 下載數: 110萬(Google Play級距目前是100萬~500萬)
2. iOS App 下載數: 30萬
3. 每日活躍用戶數: 約10~20萬

Status provided on September 2017
1. Total Android App Download: 1.1 Million
2. Total iOS App Download: 300,000
3. Monthly Frequent Users: Approx. 10,000 ~ 20,000





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