Business Cooperation 商業合作

【 自我介紹 Introduction 】

我是 “娜姐 FOODELICIOUS”作者 Tina,之前擔任知名公司的食品品牌行銷副理, 經常需要寫行銷企劃提案給客戶, 熟悉三大通路- 零售通路, 餐飲通路與電商通路. 開始經營部落格時間較晚 (2016年11月), 因中英文寫作經驗豐富, 部落格文章結構完整,

Hello, I am Tina. I was a food product marketing assistant manager. My job description was to write marketing proposal for all three sales channels – retail, restaurant, and online. I started writing blog on November, 2016. With my writing experience, my article is well structured.


【專欄 Columns 】

WINE & TASTE 品迷網專欄作者

FunNow App. 駐站作者



【頻道 Channels 】

XONE App 行動應用程式



【 關於合作專案 About Project 】


► 餐飲店家推廣文 Restaurant Promotion Article
a. 新餐廳 New Restaurant: 2018 新開幕餐廳與咖啡店 》2018 New Restaurants & Cafes Guide
b. 新菜單或是特別節慶菜單 New Menu or Special Menu

► 飯店推廣文 Hotel Promotion Article
飯店文章 Hotel Category

► 各種食品&飲料&酒產品推廣文 Other Food Product, Drink, Alcohol Promotion Article

► 餐飲書籍評論 Food & Beverage Book Review Article
關於食 About Food
關於飲 About Beverage


若有興趣合作, 歡迎寄信至
If interested cooperating with me, please email to


詳細邀約作品集 Commercial Article Profile
備註: 餐廳或廠商 FB 粉絲頁 PO文章冊


【 合作注意事項 Remark】

1. 主要曝光平台為部落格網站與Facebook 粉絲頁, IG 為輔, 若想知道其他曝光管道, 請 Email 聯絡
The article exposure main platform includes Blog and Facebook Fan Page. IG is only for increasing different types of exposure. If you would like to know more exposure platform details, please email

曝光平台包括 Platforms:
Facebook Fan Page:


2. 邀約合作稿文末會備註 *此為邀約文, 但撰寫的是真實感受*
The end of article would state “This is a promotion article, but state true situation and review.”


3. 撰寫文章需要 7 個工作天.
Writing one completed article would need 7  days.


4. 撰寫完文章會先提供客戶密碼審稿, 無法修改寫作風格, 修改範圍僅包括錯字修改或資訊錯誤.
After finish writing article, I will provide the password to the customer. I can revise the incorrect wording or information. However, please do not change my writing my style.



【 優勢 Advantages】

1. 熟悉 SEO: 文章標題懂得下 SEO, 讓客戶的文章被讀者輕易在網路搜尋到,且具有永久效果, 這是Instagram辦不到的.
I know how to write SEO-Oriented article. Therefore, the articles will be easier to find through internet. However, Instagram is not easy to search.


2. 文章無廣告: 網站無廣告, 除了讓讀者閱讀舒適外, 也不會有與客戶同業的廣告出現.
There is no advisement at the website. It is comfortable to read. The most important would be there is no advisement with similar TA appears.


3. 中英文撰寫文章: 也許你認為你的消費受眾不需要用到英文, 但是為何不讓自己更為出色? 有英文文章替自己加分. 我的閱讀者橫跨全球, 數據來源: Google Analysis
I use both Chinese and English writing articles. You might think that your Target Audience don’t speak English. But, if there is English wording, wouldn’t it be a great advantage for you. My website reader are all over the world.



4. Facebook 粉絲頁受眾精準: 粉絲頁自2016/11月創立, 我的受眾較為特別:
a. 粉絲有34%是男性
b. 女粉絲歲數 35 ~ 44歲高達15% , 男粉絲歲數35 ~44歲高達10%
粉絲偏向享受美食與酒居多, 經濟有一定的基礎, 且喜歡品嚐新餐廳. 數據來源: Facebook Fan Page
My Facebook Fan Page is established at November, 2016. My TA is different from others. There are 34% of fans are male. As for female fans, 15% of them are 35 ~ 44 years old As for male fans, 10% of them are 35 ~ 44 years old. Most fans tend to enjoy foods and wines. All of them are financial-independent and willing to try new restaurants.



5. IG 粉絲頁自2016/11月創立, 目前IG粉絲超過3400人, 受眾較為特別的是
a. 粉絲有56%為男性, 44%為女性
b. 粉絲年紀約 18 ~ 24 歲較多,  25歲~ 34歲則是第二名.
c. 每天更新 IG Story
總結:  雖然受眾年紀小, 通常較願意嘗鮮, 測試新事物. 數據來源: IG
My IG is established on November, 2016. Now, IG fans are 3400 + . 55% of fans are males, and 45% of fans are females. The fans’ age range is 18 ~ 24 years old. Even though they are young, they are still willing to try new food & restaurant. I also update IG story daily.