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(已歇業) 台北東區有一家新開幕且名稱很特別的咖哩餐廳, 老闆將餐廳命名為自己最喜歡美國職業籃球選手 Stephen Curry, 英文名稱為Stephen’s Curry,中文名稱則是史蒂芬斯咖哩專門店.
(Closed Down) Stephen’s Curry restaurant had its grand opening last week in Taipei city east district. After chatting with the boss, he named his restaurant after his favorite professional USA basket player – Stephen Curry.  With this special name, it catches many nearby residents’ attention.


一走進餐廳就注意到牆上掛著框起來Stephen Curry的球衣, 服務生親切地倒水放在刻有餐廳名稱的木頭上, 米色菜單上只有簡單的餐點組合 (飯, 配菜,湯, 飲料), 在櫃檯旁的冰箱也販賣非酒精飲料和甜點, 雖然這家餐廳歸類為日式咖哩, 但主廚創意地在日式咖哩加入獨特印度辛香料組合, 讓整體料理多點驚喜.

You can immediately see the framed Stephen Curry’s jersey hanging on the wall. The waitress serves the water and put on the top of the wood, which engraved with the restaurant’s name. The menu is simple but with only set., which includes rice , side dish, soup and drink. Also, they sell non-alcohol drink at the refrigerator with desserts. The fan page mentioned that this is a Japanese restaurant. But it is actually like a Fusion restaurant since they add spices into their curry.



English Name: Stephen’s Chicken Curry
Price: NTD$280
Foodelicious 美味程度:  👍👍👍👍

餐點擺盤如家庭式料理般簡單, 湯匙舀起少許濃稠深褐色且香氣十足的咖哩,舌尖剛開始只品嚐到日式中度甜咖哩風味, 隨之而後則是獨特的辛香料組合, 香料裡似乎有點小茴香風味, 跟甜味料理意外成為兩個獨立但不違和的主角, 而不是所謂的多層次. 跟大多數咖哩餐廳不同, 主廚使用無骨帶皮的雞腿肉, 而不是雞胸肉切塊, 雞肉軟嫩且入味, 少許油脂讓咖哩更加濃稠也可讓雞肉不會柴, 搭配著大塊馬鈴薯, 而不是切丁馬鈴薯, 各半香米飯和薑黃飯都非常搭配咖哩飯.
The display is simply with unexpected dark brown thick curry. The first taste at the curry is mild sweet at the beginning. The tastebud eventually feels the mild spice combination and it becomes another parallel flavors. It wouldn’t be called complex flavor since both flavors are primary. However, It is difficult to guess the spice combination – maybe hints of cummins. The restaurant uses boneless chicken leg with SKIN! It is a clever choice since some curry restaurants in town use chopped chicken breast with no skin. The chicken is cooked perfectly with enough fats to make the meat extra tender and thicken the curry sauce. The potato is at its large size instead of chopped into pieces.  Both basmati and turmeric rice are great pairing with the curry


福神漬如名是一種日本蔬菜果實漬物, 通常用來搭配日式咖哩, 常見的食材如蘿蔔,黃瓜,蘑菇, 再跟醬油和味醂浸泡製作而成. 口感相當脆但有點鹹, 也可以點辣泡菜當做配菜.
Fukujinzuke is commonly used as a pickled vegetable relish (mostly daikon, eggplant, cucumber, mushroom..etc) for Japanese curry. The taste is crunchy but with overwhelmed soy sauce. However, you can also choose spicy kimchi as your relish as well.


味噌湯中則是有個小魚板, 飲料可樂則是劃下當天晚餐的句點.
The miso soup tastes average with one fish patty. The coke is perfect to end the delightful dinner.



延伸閱讀: 2017 台北新開幕餐廳與咖啡店/2017 Taipei New Restaurants and Cafes Guide

延伸閱讀: 國父紀念館捷運站附近餐廳與咖啡店 SYS Memorial Hall MRT station restaurant and Cafe


Restaurant Name店名: STEPHEN’S CURRY 史蒂芬斯咖哩專門店
Address: No. 27 , lane 131th, Yanji Street, Taipei City 台北市大安區延吉街131巷27號 (Map)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/史蒂芬斯咖哩專門店-1808907796026350/
MRT station 捷運站: Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 國父紀念館捷運站
電話:02 8776 5676
營業時間:11am – 2pm  ; 5pm – 9pm






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