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(已結束營業) 在日本,石燒火山拉麵其實不常看到,新北市淡水漁人碼頭附近開了一家名副其實的石燒火山拉麵.
(Closed Down) Stone Boiling Style Ramen is rare in Japan, let along Taiwan. There is a newly opened Japanese Ramen restaurant located at Dansui Fisherman Wharf that sells Stone Boiling Style Ramen.



走進新開幕的餐廳沒有傳統日本裝潢, 反而注入少許現代時尚的設計元素.
Surprisingly, the decoration of this new restaurant is chic and bright instead of dim and traditional.

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招牌火山拉麵- 豚骨湯底 

English Name: Stone Boiling Ramen
Price: NTD $230
Foodelicious 美味程度:  🍜🍜🍜

將所有的配料 (包括硬黃麵, 半個熟蛋, 叉燒切片, 筍乾, 豆芽, 黑木耳, 高麗菜 )放進預熱的灰色石鍋, 服務生專業地將一半乳白色的豚骨湯底倒入石鍋中, 湯底跟石鍋接觸的那一剎那, 滋滋作響, 心裡也會不踏實地看著滾燙的石鍋, 反覆確認是不是會把這道料理毀掉, 直到服務生提醒兩分鐘該倒入剩下的湯頭. 夾起煮好的麵和少許微濃湯頭放入一旁的黑碗, 也可加入桌上店家自製的辣椒醬, 置入更多層次的風味, 湯底最初只有微鹹, 過了一段時間, 鹹香豚骨風味才漸漸釋出, 但並沒有豚骨一燈濃郁, 單吃叉燒則是稍微乾柴, 其他配置的新鮮度則是有達水平. 這是一道視覺效果十足的料理,
All the ingredients, include noodle, half-cut egg, sliced pork, dried bamboo, bean sprouts, black fungus and cabbage,  are placed without the broth in the hot gray stone pot. The waitress will assist pouring half of the creamy white pork broth from the bowl into the stone pot. The sizzling sound is almost like you are self pan-frying the Wagyu in a high-end fine dining restaurant. Both sound and bubbles continue to offer you visual and sound effect. Until the waitress friendly reminds that two minutes is up, you can pour in the rest of the broth. Due to different preference, you would need to choose what time you would like to get the noodles out of the pot into the small black bowl. You could also add a bit of their home-made secret recipe spicy paste to increase the complexity of this dish. However, the broth starts with hint of salty and then escalate to fair amount of salty while cooling down.  But the broth is not as thick as TONKOTSU ITTOU Ramen. As for side dish, the sliced pork is a bit dry. Afterwards, you can add the rice into the pot to absorb all the soup essence.




日式煎餃 6 pcs

English Name: Japanese Pan-fry Dumpling
Price: NTD $65
Foodelicious 美味程度:  🍜🍜🍜🍜

通常日式煎餃只會被放在盤子上當做配菜, 但是此店家的日式煎餃擺盤則是很清楚地表達對於自家手工製作的日式煎餃充滿自信,店家的臉書有提到廚師是宇都宮市包煎餃技術獎, 宇都宮最享譽盛名的則是煎餃.. 六個煎餃整齊地擺放在鮮豔的保溫煎鍋上, 脆薄的羽根環繞著有溫度的手工小巧煎餃, 夾起第一顆煎餃咬下時, 高麗菜的脆度比多汁的豬肉餡更精彩, 建議到這家餐廳必點餐點之一.
This particular dish layout is unexpected and beautiful.Their experienced chef is the champion of  “handmade pan-fried dumpling” contest in Utsunomiya (Japan), which sells more pan-fried dumplings than any other city in Japan. Six dumplings surround in circle in a temperature-proof pan. You can slowly enjoy the ramen first and taste the dumplings later without cooling down. Even though the piece is small but folded with skills. I would definitely recommend this dish if visiting this restaurant.




日式味噌拉麵 – 特製叉燒

English Name:  Japanese Miso Ramen
Price: NTD $150
Foodelicious 美味程度:  🍜

反觀店家的日式拉麵並無亮麗的擺盤, 配置與第一道料理-火山拉麵相同, 味噌湯底較為稀釋, 味噌的香味並無完全發揮其特色. 剛開始我原本以為是湯的表層是洋蔥切塊, 後來詢問之下是豬油塊, 這碗我並沒有吃得很盡興, 基本上我跟店家要了一個小碗將豬油塊挑出來, 勉強將麵與配置吃完, 湯則是只喝了2成吧. 我不會建議點這款餐點
Interesting enough, there is no display for this dish. Half egg, 2 ~ 3 porks, bean sprouts, dried bamboo, black fungus and green onion garnish are placed into the bowl. There is only hint of Miso aroma at the beginning.  However sadly, the soup broth is watery instead of thick. Also, the porks are a bit dry considering there isn’t much fat. Also, there are small chunk of lards floating at the appearance. Therefore, I didn’t finish the soup. I would not recommend this dish.






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Restaurant Name店名: Stone Boiling Ramen  石燒火山拉麵
Address: No. 12 , Section 2nd, Zhongzhen Road, New Taipei City (near Fisherman’s Wharf) 新北市淡水區中正路二段12號 (沙崙路與中正路交叉口) (Map)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ishiyajikazan/
MRT station 捷運站: Dansui MRT Station 淡水捷運站捷運站
營業時間:11:30 am – 2:30pm ;  17:00pm  – 21:00pm





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